Tools to Launch

Are you launching the Conquer Series in your Church or small group? If so, then you’re on the right page. Below you’ll find some resources you can use to promote the Conquer Series to those who’d like to participate.

Show the 1-minute film trailer in your church!

Watch the Trailer - Millions of men are quitting porn because of the Conquer Series

Here you can download the Conquer Series Trailer to show in your church.

Church Promotional Kit

Use the Conquer Series Bulletin Inserts to inform about your recovery groups

100 Bulletin Inserts

Use the Conquer Series Invites for your sexual addiction recovery groups

20 Invitations

Promote the Conquer Series in your church and help men to quit watching porn

3 Posters

Conquer Series logo pack

Logo Pack

Use this email template to invite men to your Conquer Series group

Email Invitation

Help men take their first step towards quitting porn with the sign up form

Attendee Sign Up Form

Conquer Series Website Banners

Click image to see more banners that you can share.

Use these banners to help men stop watching porn

Covenant to Contend

Covenant to Contend
Memo of Understanding

Memo of Understanding

Remember to order these items before you start your group