Who is the Conquer Series for?

For any man who’s ever struggled

ConquerSuccess in this battle against sexual sin means arming yourself with the tools and strategies to help combat the trap that hell has put in your path. The Conquer Series is no “silver bullet” for what you are facing.  You can find plenty of Christian books on purity, but they are like trying to control a tidal wave with a teaspoon. Those resources shine light on the fact that other men are also struggling, but many men who read them often find themselves falling right back in the trap they thought they escaped. Their sin gives birth to shame and shame gives birth to more sexual sinning; the cycle continues.

What you’re doing doesn’t work

Deep within every man is the desire to be a hero, but few manage to fulfill this God-given purpose – not for lack of will, but for lack of knowledge. Too many men know how to fly in Christ, but are clueless when it comes to defeating the enemy.

The Conquer Series teaches men everything they need to know about the battlefield, the enemy, weaponry, military strategies and scientific facts that shed new light to immutable Biblical truth. Everything in the lessons is strictly based on Scripture and packaged in high-quality cinematic storytelling.

We answer tough and awkward questions that most men steer clear of but are yearning to know and, finally, we leave men with hope and support so that they can continue to be a conqueror one day at a time.

Conquer Series is Ideal for all men

In America alone, more than 70% of boys raised in church abandon it in their teens and twenties. It seems, once they leave their protective Christian walls, they enter the secular world unprepared for the onslaught.

For parents, the Conquer Series is a powerful resource for young men in their teens and early twenties. The lessons are relevant and the cinematic action-packed battle analogies will keep them glued to the screen. The personal interviews with famous male Christian role models will inspire them to take a stand and show them, in the most practical sense, how to live in the world but not to be of it.

We advice parents of children under 18 to first watch the entire series and, at their discretion, decide if the content is age-appropriate for their child. Several topics and interviews in the Series focus on father-son relationships, which makes it perfect for opening up father-son discussions on sexual integrity and manhood. The Conquer Series will prepare your sons for the battle early on in life.


Men be warned, the message in this curriculum will not tickle your ears or downplay the severity of sexual sin. For such a time as this, we believe that God is calling men to fight in His army and the battle starts in your hidden life. But be encouraged, this curriculum is humbly presented to you by broken men and fallen soldiers who are living proof of God’s relentless love and righteousness. If they can be conquerors through Christ, so can you.