What Makes a Great Leader?

By Luke Gibbons


What makes someone a great leader?

According to a study out of the University of Texas at San Antonio, the most important quality is confidence.

What is Confidence?

It’s important to note that confidence can sometimes be confused with arrogance (which implies a sense of superiority).

Arrogant, abusive leaders are ineffective.

Being confident is not about feeling as if you are better than others.

It’s simply believing that you and your team can achieve the goal set forth.

On the other end of the spectrum, people with a low level of confidence, or feelings of inadequacy will find it difficult to lead.

This explains why the Church is lacking when it comes to leadership. With 68% of men in the church struggling with pornography, these men are wrestling with feeling unworthy to lead.

Chris Ogden is the Adults Pastor at Orlando First Baptist Church. He describes what these men are going through:

“For a lot of guys who have struggled in the area of sexuality, the lie becomes, ‘This is just who I am. This cannot change; this will never go away, ’I might enjoy a week or a month (of sobriety) here or there but ultimately this is embedded in my soul, I can’t get free of it.’”

The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic study that is helping men conquer pornography and become better leaders in their families, their churches and among other men.

Ogden who leads men through the Conquer Series recounts:

“As the guys in our church walk through that, you could just see that flame of hope kind of rekindle, and going, ‘I not only believe what they’re saying is true, but I think it could be true for me.’ And I think when that switch happens, that’s when God unleashes the power in the guy’s life.”

As these men find freedom and deepen their relationship with God, they are rediscovering their confidence to lead.

What You Believe You Will Achieve

An authentic, strong belief that you will achieve success is contagious — infecting your team with confidence and causing productivity to soar.

The leadership study’s author, Dina Krasikova, assistant professor of management at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) explains it this way:

“A factor in this is positive thinking. Leaders can imbue their subordinates with confidence and creativity just by setting an example themselves.”

Often we struggle with having the confidence to lead well. Even Moses when he was before God at the burning bush felt inadequate to go before Pharaoh.

When God calls men to lead a Conquer Group they often feel the same way, especially if they’ve had their own struggle with pornography in the past.

In the recesses of his mind, Satan will remind a man of his past transgressions and tell him, “You are disqualified.”

But in the Kingdom, God reminds us that our struggle and His victory over it qualifies us!

We do not lead alone, as God reminded Moses, so he reminds you, “I will be with you.”

Relationships Matter

There’s a place for good people skills, too.

Building strong relationships with team members is key. These relationships should be built on trust, mutual respect and loyalty. This will cause employees to “go the extra mile for a leader without expecting anything in return.”

A Conquer Group is focused on building strong relationships through trust. At the beginning men complete a Covenant to Contend and a Memo of Understanding, committing to be there every week for themselves and the other men in the group while keeping anything shared confidential so that the group remains a safe place.

The Ultimate Leader

Jesus Christ provides the ultimate example of leadership. As our Savior, He was willing to give His life in exchange for all of ours.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

— John 15:13

And so despite any cost to ourselves, millions of people all around the world have taken up their cross to follow Him. How would others respond if you demonstrated this same type of love?

Leadership Can Help You in Everyday Life

It’s not just those of us who have a “manager” title or leadership role at our jobs, or those in leadership in a church.

All of us are leaders in some capacity.

Whether it’s head of the family, leader of a small group at church, or a leader among men, leadership is something we can all develop and benefit from. As well, there are often informal leaders at work and among groups of friends — the one everyone looks to for direction.

Krasikova makes it very plain… leadership is not born or made. It’s a question of becoming proficient at using qualities that everyone already has.  “It’s about how they use their skills once they get into that position,” concludes Krasikova.

3 Keys to being a Great Leader

To take what this study has shown and put it into practice requires only three things:

  1. Believe – really believe – your team can achieve its objective
  2. Develop respectful, trusting relationships with your team
  3. Be loyal to your team – continue to build trust as your team grows

All of these crucial elements of leadership — believing in your team, respectful trusting relationships, and remaining loyal – are the foundation of success.

Stepping Up

How is God challenging you to grow as a leader, or to step forward into a leadership role?

The most important things you need are already within you!

Just as with leadership at work and in life, the internal qualities are the critical things you must have… and it’s what really qualifies you to be a leader.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

— 1 Samuel 16:7, New International Version

The Conquer Series offers the opportunity for men to step up and sow into the lives of other men by leading a Conquer Group.  Now is the time, so don’t delay.  Sign up for a Church License on SoulRefiner.com and start planning your next small group study.


The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic series which is helping over 1 million men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

Get started, and order the Conquer Series today.

6 Replies to “What Makes a Great Leader?”

  1. Brian Doyle  April 3, 2018

    This is good. I describe the result of a man yielding victoriously to the Lordship of Christ in this area as ‘warrior training’. These are not the future ushers and parking lot servants of your church but rather the men who have a compelling testimony of strongholds being broken who will share this inside their home, inside their local church as well as outside in the marketplace. Few men fit the profile more of an ambassador of Christ then men who have personally experienced victory where there was defeat!

    • Jeremy Wiles  April 4, 2018

      Thanks for sharing, Brian! This couldn’t be said any more perfectly!

  2. GreaterThan Us  April 3, 2018

    Its not been easy for me to join a Conquer Series group. I would have to take a day off work EACH week to make that possible. I travel 750 miles a week to get to work and then put in about 9.5 hours in it. I am stretched but I still love Jesus and am thankful for the job, without any sense of grumbling. Now with the group. I have been told by one person they did not think it would work to be in their group online. Then there was another group but I would have to put in an additional 100 miles a week to be in that group. It seems as though my time is being stretched down to almost nothing. I don’t know how long my flesh can hold traveliing long distances for anything. This is why I would love to LEAD an ONLINE group. I can come home and spend more time with people in the group, pray for them, love them the way Christ loves me and encourage them to focus on Christ, the author and finisher in all our lives. I love the Conquer Series program. I have no problem spending 2 to 5 years to accomplish what God has been telling me to do for almost 27 years of my life. I no longer want to be Lukewarm. I want to be a Conquerer and an Overcomer as written in Revelations 3:19-22 … I love this program. Sure would like to LEAD a group online. – Ed Bangle / Southern California

    • NeTexasDude  April 5, 2018

      I will say this… for me i tried the “online” recovery… it was like a alcoholic going to the beer store to buy a coke. I failed because the computer access IS JUST THE THING I NEED TO ESCAPE FROM. This is me. Next I tried this alone. Satin wants us alone, he wants us isolated away from PERSONAL relatiinships. This is why texting and email has become so damaging. People don’t TALK to each other anymore. With this said my group of 9 men from 21 to 58 are going into week 5 tonight but actually been meeting 7 weeks. Most of us have removed Face Book and all chats. All have joined together with accountability apps and we share our quality time app that tracks every second spent on our phone. Everyone of us have cut out phone usage in half or more. We as a group realize the internet HAS CREATED A MONSTER… maby online can work for you??? But if you use internet phone or electronic device for porn I can’t see how it will work. We all all carry bibles instead of using the bible app on phone. No doubt when someone sees us reading…. they KNOW WHAT WE ARE READING. we as men and leaders have to even be cautious of the appearance of evil. Paul warn us of this over and over.
      As we meet face to face walls that was built 40 years are torn down and No Way thus could happen without person to person. We’re men and were not wired to share deep dark secrets….
      As far as work…
      I am self employed ,we have guys in our group on on rotating shifts, 2 men that work graveyard. I worked a 18 hr daybjust to make it back for group. And in 7 weeks weve only had 1 guy miss a meeting because of flu. Each week we meet on a different day JUST SO WE CAN ALL MAKE IT.
      Like last week it was Tuesday at 6.45, this week it’s tonight or Thursday at 7pm… tonight one guy will get off his 12 hr shift at 5.30pm drive an hour to be at group. Last week I drive 3 hours in from the town I was working in, ran the group meeting, had personal counsel with 2 guys and left to drive back to hotel 3 hours and we left the chirch at 10.30pm… that put me in hotel at almost 2am, and I was up for work at 5am… not to boast it’s just I’ve carried this sin for 35 years and never thought I could be free… now I KNOW WE AS A GROUP, WE WILL SUCCEED. My point is it took years to build this addiction and this will take the most commitment YOU HAVE EVER DONE to beat it. And it takes the entire group… 100%. If one man in the group is not commuted, cull him because he will cause failure. Anyway that is another post.
      Commitment for the next 5 years.

    • Luke  May 23, 2018

      Thanks for sharing Ed,
      We do have online groups run by volunteer leaders from time to time. We’ll get you connected with the next online group.

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