What Do I Do After I Complete the Conquer Series?

By Kayla Sullivan

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The Conquer Series lays out a powerful road map for recovery, but we know the journey out of a struggle with pornography takes more than 10 weeks.  Frequently, we’ve been contacted by men’s ministry leaders who want to know,  “What do we do once we complete the Conquer Series?”.

These are leaders who understand the need for an ongoing process of accountability and healing.  They know that the process of renewing the mind can take two to five years.  And they know that it’s important to stay connected with a band of brothers during every phase of recovery and beyond.  These are men who understand that the battle is so much greater than oneself.

Our team has been working diligently to create a video-based curriculum that will not only keep you on the path to recovery but will take you to even greater heights as you move forward.  We’ve teamed up with Dr. Doug Weiss, licensed psychologist, marriage counselor, and founder and president of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy, to present Warpath.  

What is Warpath?

Warpath is a great follow up course that allows men to put into place what they’ve learned in the Conquer Series. If the Conquer Series is boot camp, then Warpath is the ongoing training that helps men go into combat and finish the journey well.

Men will learn more about the importance of knowing their identity in Christ.  You will be given disciplines and principles that will help you become the warrior that God created you to be.  As a warrior, not only will you be able to face your battle scars but you’ll be able to heal from them.

On this journey, you will advance through the ranks.  As you begin to heal, you will learn how to effectively step into the fight to help heal others.

Gone are the days where you are the problem in your marriage.  Instead, you’re going to be empowered to fight for your marriage.  You get to choose to become part of the solution, and can work toward becoming a man that your wife can be proud of once again.

No casualty can be overlooked.  Regardless of their age, it’s likely that your children have been impacted by your struggle with sexual sin.   On this Warpath, you are going to be equipped to start mending the broken bridge that may exist between you and them.

What to Expect

Warpath is a 29-week course available exclusively through digital streaming at SoulRefiner.com.  Members will watch one video per week and will have access to an interactive study guide through the use of a digital pass.  Daily check-ins should be completed using the FASTER Scale, which is instrumental in identifying behavior patterns.  Comprised of six modules, each module will focus on a different element of the healing process:

Module 1:  The Warrior Identity

Attacking you in any way possible, Satan’s masterplan was to destroy the identity of Christ in you.  Now is the time to wage war and fight to redeem all that has been stolen from you.  Remember, your identity lays the foundation for your destiny.

Module 2:  Battle Scars

Trauma, abuse, neglect, rejection, and harsh words spoken over your life likely left innumerable scars.  If you want to win this war, you are going to have to deal effectively with those scars.  As you identify those wounds, you will be able to decode the lies that the enemy embedded during those moments of pain.  As you complete this module, you will trade your shame and guilt for the cloak of righteousness found in Christ.

Module 3:  Winning Your Waterloo

Learning to understand your addicted brain is not only empowering, but it sets the stage for you to move into healing.  In the Conquer Series, you learned about the arousal templateWarpath expands on that knowledge and helps you better understand how your brain functions.  Plus, you’ll learn proactive strategies that you can implement to help avoid future relapses.

Module 4:  D-Day of Disclosure

Disclosure is not a one-time event.  On this journey, you will have to learn the art of living a transparent life.  In this module, Dr. Doug Weiss will teach you about the various types of disclosures.  You will learn how to prepare for disclosure, identify who you need to disclose to, and what happens next.

Module 5:  Rebuilding Ground Zero

Struggling with sexual sin resulted in you dropping your sword.  The ripple effect was that your bride had to pick it up.  Becoming a ‘Princess Warrior’, she had to learn to wield the sword to protect herself.  Beyond that, she had to learn how to protect the family.  She may have even taken on the responsibility of trying to protect you.

This is the point where you begin to see the damage that was done to your wife.  This module will help you empathize with her while equipping you to regain her trust.

Module 6:  Declaring War

The final five weeks of Warpath is where you run to the battlefield determined to rescue those who have been caught in the crossfire of your secret life.  Not only will you fight for your marriage and family, but you will even learn how to even reclaim lost territory in the bedroom.

Though you never planned for addiction to become part of your story, God can use your testimony to reach others.  Learning to fight this war was never about you.  Now you can choose to step onto the battlefield to fight for other brothers in Christ who need to know that they can experience freedom too.

Are You Ready?

This battle is not for the faint of heart.  It’s not for the person who chooses to remain in denial.  This is for the valiant man, the one who is brave enough to take responsibility for his actions.  Warpath is for the man who is ready to fight  for himself, his wife, his children, and his brothers in Christ regardless of the cost.

In the Conquer Series, you were called out.  Now, you’re being called up.  But the question remains, “Are you ready?”.

If you answered, “Yes”, you can get started today at SoulRefiner.com.

The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic series which is helping over 1 million men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

Get started, and order the Conquer Series today.

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