Watch How These College Aged Guys Show Their Passion For Purity

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Eric Hovind from Creation Today is known around the world for his work sharing the truth of God’s word beginning in Genesis. He also shares his story about his struggle with pornography with brute honesty in the Conquer Series. This Summer, he was asked to share at a men’s gathering in Florida. When we saw the response from the young men in the audience when Eric stepped onto the stage, we just had to share the video with you. These men have a passion for freedom.

Do you want your son looking at PORN?

70% of the men reading this have a porn problem.

A few years ago, I was interviewed for a sexual purity series called Conquer. It has become the most used, most comprehensive, and most powerful curriculum in the nation, teaching men about the freedom that can be achieved by conquering their addiction to pornography. It is an addiction running rampant in our country and around the world. Because of my small part in the series, I have had many men come up to me and share how grateful they were for my transparency and the blessing the Conquer Series has been to their lives.

The most awesome welcome ever!

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to a group of around 90 college men on the subject of purity. Just think about that. Ninety young men have come to the Gulf Coast to work, share the gospel, and study purity for the entire Summer! The men had been going through the Conquer Series and I was blown away by their welcome!

I can’t share the rest of the video with you because we got real personal, real fast! All I can say is praise God for working in these young men’s lives. At the end of our short time together, a number of them recognized their need to have a transformed heart that could only be accomplished by the grace of God. I am so pumped to see what God will do with these future leaders.

This morning I received the following text from one of the young men who attended:

I also want to tell you that because of your talk, my group got to have a long talk with a guy on salvation and where he was at with Christ. He ended up coming to the realization that he wasn’t a follower and now knows where he stands. That has been an answered prayer and it’s thanks to the talk last night. God used that. Going to keep asking him and praying to make that decision. Have a great week Eric!

The gist of my message was this: In the battle for purity, TRYING HARDER DOESN’T WORK! The truth is, you can’t quit till you are absolutely convinced and KNOW that viewing pornography and lusting after women is wrong and a sin against yourself and God. You can’t know it is absolutely wrong until you have a transformed mind. You can’t have a transformed mind until you have a transformed heart. And you can’t have a transformed heart until you repent and trust in Christ, and the creator of the universe makes you a new person in Christ Jesus!

I shared with them my story, God’s Glory, growing up in a Christian home and becoming a product of my environment rather than a true Christian. It wasn’t until I watched Ray Comfort’s message, Hell’s Best Kept Secret, four times in a row that I realized the true state of my heart and my need to repent and trust in Christ.

So why did 90 college guys, ages 19 – 22, get together to study purity for the summer?

It is because they know what the world portrays as beautiful and good is empty and broken. Only discovering the Creator’s plan and accepting that truth can bring real joy over momentary happiness! These guys are looking for the TRUTH. How exciting! May God use these men to be future leaders who understand integrity and purity at its deepest levels.

Here’s the truth: 70% of men struggle with pornography. So if you know a man then chances are, they could use this teaching!

This article originally appeared on Creation Today’s website.

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