Walt Disney World Unveils New Park Map Featuring Same-Sex Couple

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Visiting “The Most Magical Place on Earth” is the dream of many children. Families save and plan for the ultimate Disney vacation, determined to make memories that last a lifetime. Walking across the parking lot for the first time, expectations are at an all-time high.

Children are excited to meet their favorite Disney characters. They often will run ahead of their parents, anxious to experience the rides, the parades, the music, and the shows. For first-time visitors, grabbing a guide map is essential to navigating the park and getting the most out of each day.

But parents beware! As your child excitedly clutches the latest map of Hollywood Studios in their hands, they’re not exactly going to be staring at Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Instead, they’ll see a homosexual male couple excitedly skipping to one of the latest attractions, “Runaway Railway”.

Satan’s Plan of Destruction

While some are quick to praise Disney’s decision for all-inclusivity, it does come with a price tag. And no, we’re not talking about monetary value.

One of the number one things being attacked in today’s society is healthy sexuality. Satan is not content to sit around and wait for unsuspecting adults. Instead, he seeks to devour from a very young age. This has been his personal mission since the beginning of time. In his craftiness, he recognizes that this is not something that will simply happen overnight. Instead, it needs to be a slow-fade, one that desensitizes people gradually over time.

The Slow Fade of Healthy Sexuality

The Kinsey Reports, authored by Alfred Kinsey and published in 1948 and 1953, birthed the “Sexual Revolution”. A new era was ushered in where people started to open up about and celebrate new concepts regarding sexuality. In many documented cases, babies and young children were horribly abused to collect the data that was presented.

Dr. Judith Reisman, Ph.D and author, shares that this was a major turning point in our history. She stated, “That became the foundation for the sex educational structure that fed itself into what we are teaching our children right now.”

She continued, “And of course it was the foundation of all the changes in our laws – the sodomy laws, the abortion laws, everything else.”

So how does this lead us to where we are today with Walt Disney World’s latest map?

Walt Disney World Neglects to Protect Children

Over a period of decades, the world has been taught to believe that healthy sexuality is something that should be flaunted in the streets. Pornography, masturbation, fornication, and homosexuality have slowly started to weave themselves throughout the fabric of this nation and the world.

Instead of maintaining the innocence of children, Disney has quickly adopted many secular world views. Focusing on revenue and profits, they fail to protect their youngest fans. They’ve made headlines several times over the past few years for featuring homosexual content, having employees arrested on child pornography charges, and planning to cease filming in areas that are anti-abortion. Last year, the park even hosted its first LGBTQ Pride Parade.

At one time, parents had a censorship right. They could choose to restrict TV shows and movies that normalized or even glamorized sexual sin. Now, it’s hard for parents to know what to expect as even the TV censorship ratings have been relaxed. What’s worse, a family cannot even choose to visit Walt Disney World without having sexuality flaunted in their faces – and ultimately placed in their hands.

Leading the Next Generation Astray

Some kids will see the new map and not raise a question. Others may have such piqued levels of curiosity that they’ll take to Google to learn more. Unassumingly, they will stumble across Pandora’s box. As a result, some children may start on the path to struggling with their own identity. Others, before they realize it, may find themselves addicted to pornography.

The danger in adults openly welcoming such content into the lives of their children has far greater consequences than many want to acknowledge.

“If anyone causes one of these little ones – those who believe in me – to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” – Matthew 18:6

It’s Time to Get Back on Track

An entire generation is being raised to believe that the immoral is now moral. Most no longer believe in sin. Instead, they are being taught that there is freedom in expressing themselves however they see fit. No longer is there a fear of the Lord, but is instead an expectation that “I can do what I please without consequence”.

The truth is, change begins at home. The conversations of healthy sexuality should not be happening through television programming or at school. Instead, these discussions should be had at home and reinforced by the Church.

Church, you must wake up and begin to carry the torch that has been laid down for far too long. Sexual sin can no longer be allowed to run rampant throughout the Church with little to no consequence.

A new streaming platform was recently launched to help churches deal with some of the tough issues people face on a daily basis, including finding freedom from the chains of pornography and sexual sin.  Check out SoulRefiner.com.

The lives of the next generation hinge on the choice you make today!

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