We Need Your Help

To bring manhood back into the Church, we need Christians from all walks of life to help us get the Conquer Series into churches. This is a non-denominational teaching series for men. If you have caught the vision and want to make a real difference, join our nationwide grassroots campaign.

We need volunteers like you to step out and share the Conquer Series with those around them. If each person who goes through the Conquer Series shares it with three others, then this movement is going to continue to grow into a groundswell that will see families restored and lives changed.

Help us get more Conquer Groups running by sharing the Conquer Series with three churches in your area! Make the pledge and fill in your details below so we can send you some resources and ideas about how you can share the Conquer Series.

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Start Your Journey To Freedom

The Conquer Series is a new two volume cinematic teaching series for men. Included in each volume are five 30-45 minute long DVDs plus a bonus leader's DVD. This is not just another study tool for men, but a tried and proven battle plan for purity.

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