Temptation Increases During Extended Times At Home 

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When are men more likely to view porn?

Current issue facing our society can be a trap if we do not realize we are in a battle. With more and more people now having to stay at home, the reality of boredom and easy access to the computer in private can create a trigger storm. It is imperative that during this time you continue to remain diligent in your accountability.  We strongly suggest you have your guard up and make sure you are being held accountable.  Do not let this time be one that you fall into temptation.  We would suggest not going on any internet device behind closed doors.  Use this time to be with family or immediate friends. In addition to this, below are listed some of the other specific times that influence our behavior.

1. Late night tops the list

As you might imagine, the porn site found that the majority of visits occur between 9:00 p.m. and midnight. Then there is a dramatic drop-off until about 8:00 a.m. That is the basic pattern during the weekdays when a man’s schedule is less flexible.

2. Would you believe Sunday morning?

The weekend revealed some significant differences from weekday usage. The Sunday morning hours between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. are very active. This would suggest that men who have been out enjoying themselves on Saturday are logging on to the Internet to view porn when they get home. Friday nights are the least popular.

3. When you are traveling

Traveling presents many opportunities for a man to view porn. Flight delays and layovers at airports create large chunks of time for you to view porn on your phone or tablet, all while sitting among total strangers or alone in a rather secluded nook.

Hotels can be especially tempting. A CBS Report noted that five of the largest hotel chains said that in-room adult films account for nearly 70% of their in-room profits. Also, NBC News said that “adult online providers also have proof that plenty of hotel guests are trolling their websites for hardcore peeks not long after they check in.”

4. At work

According to a recent study by the Barna Group, nearly two-thirds (63%) of men admit they view porn while at work. The most frequent porn viewers at work are men between 31-49 years old with an income over $75,000 (about three-fourths of both groups). Over three-fourths (77%) of married men watch porn on the job. Between 3:00 p.m.– 5:00 p.m. is the most active website workday hours.

5. When you are not at a desk

The common suggestion to keep your computer in an area of your home where your family members can see the screen is still a solid idea. But more men are viewing porn during times when they are not on a desktop computer. Porn website visits from smartphones are now 53% of traffic and about 11% is from tablets, meaning desktop visits are down to 36%.

This list highlights some of the most common times that men view pornography. Obviously, a man’s work schedule, family obligations, social activities, and many other variables must be considered.

What can you do?

These five points are mentioned to make you aware that you need to be alert to your own viewing times. Maybe you haven’t thought about when you are most vulnerable to following your own routine, but when you do you will probably find that you have routine times.

Perhaps your ‘secret’ time is during another time frame from those above. Being aware of the times when you are more likely to view porn allows you to find other ways to occupy your mind.

Aristotle once postulated that “Nature abhors a vacuum”; it’s true of human nature as well. It’s not possible to simply think of nothing, and if we’re not proactive about choosing what to think about instead, we may actually wind up thinking about worse things. – Hobbies & Habits, Covenant Eyes

As the Apostle Paul tells us,

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. – Philippians 4:8 New International Version

One way to notice the signs that may cause you to relapse into your sexual addiction is to learn and apply the FASTER Relapse Awareness Scale (FASTER scale) developed by Michael Dye. The scale is designed to help you be aware of how you feel throughout the day to avoid the progression into relapse.

The FASTER Scale is a vital part of the Conquer Series, a powerful, cinematic series that helps men conquer porn and walk in freedom. The Conquer Series uses the FASTER scale to help you uncover patterns about the times of the day and week when you are most likely to relapse.

By filling your time with positive actions and thoughts, you can experience the sweet revenge of living a life of victory over the enemy.

The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic series which is helping over 1 million men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

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  1. Skygirl314  May 4, 2018

    Where’s the stuff on women? Porn isn’t a male only problem…please include both genders.

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