Sponsor Your Church

ConquerOne of the hardest topics to introduce to churches is the subject of sexual integrity. Topics on self-improvement and financial breakthrough are a lot more popular than sexual purity. But we can no longer ignore the need to address its importance for such a time as this!

For this effort to be effective, we need Christians to join our grass roots campaign in introducing the Conquer Series to churches in their community. One of the most powerful things you can do is sponsor your church’s small men’s groups with the Conquer Series.

studyguideAdditional Conquer Series Resources

There’s more to the Conquer Series than the 6-DVD set.  We’re also providing additional resources to ensure that the men of your church aren’t just passively watching a DVD, but are actively involved in a life-changing process.

This 5-week study guide is a resource that puts the lessons you’ve learned from each DVD to practice.  The study guide is ideal for men’s small groups, giving men a weekly battle strategy and challenges them with a weekly mission. At the end of the five weeks your small group would have learned the secrets to being more than a conqueror through Christ.