Scott Mendes “World Champion Bullrider”

By Jeremy

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Scott Mendes is a World Champion Bullrider who rode some of the fiercest bulls of his time, including the world’s most dangerous fighting bull, Bodacious. Scott‘s career took off, but his life took a drastic turn after witnessing his friend’s death at a PBR event, just seconds prior to his turn in the arena. That’s when it hit Scott: “That could’ve been me, and if that were me would I have been ready to meet my Maker? The answer to that question was: No”. At the time, Scott had been struggling to live out his Christian life in the world of Rodeo, which was fraught with all kinds of temptations . After the death of his friend, Scott decided to dedicate his life completely to God. “I knew the only way I could fully follow Christ was to renew my mind and that meant walking away when I was at the top of my game.” Today, Scott has no regrets. He leads several projects that impact culture with Christian values, including Western Harvest Ministries where he ministers to and trains young people who come to his camp.

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