Conquer Series | Overview Of Lessons

The Conquer Series is a 6-disk DVD set. The cinematic lessons are geared towards helping men renew their mind by giving them practical tools and invaluable knowledge to once and for all break the chains of sexual bondage in their life. Each lesson is approximately one hour with a bonus leaders DVD included in the DVD set. A Study Guide is also available to highlight and provide more insight into the most essential points from each DVD lesson.

DVD 1: The Mission


We start with the scope of the battle for sexual purity by presenting the severity of the war hell has waged against the Church in the 21st Century. According to the most recent study, 68% of Christian men struggle with pornography.

We examine the extent to which pornography has infiltrated society, even to the pews of the Church; God’s original plan for sex; and how pornography has become Satan’s master plan to enslave and emasculate men, destroying families and societies from within.

Satan has ensnared men with a noose of addiction and the harder they pull, the tighter it gets. The only way to true freedom is to cut the noose of bondage. We will study the four components to the noose of bondage and the three key principles to get men free. Most importantly, men will learn that it is only by the Spirit and the power of Jesus Christ that they can be redeemed.

DVD 2: Battle of the Brain


Why is it that so many Christian men who love the Lord, can’t stop their behavior? The entire battle for purity takes place within 8 inches of grey matter: your brain. Knowing where the battle takes place is crucial to every man’s victory.

We study how sexual bondage starts out as moral issue, but quickly turns into a brain problem. We look into the neurochemistry of addiction to see how men get hooked on pornography; why premarital sex is wrong; and the science of neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to transform throughout life. The science in this lesson corroborates what Scripture says about the renewing of our mind. We also discuss the importance of accountability and discipleship, because men cannot win this battle alone.

DVD 3: Strongholds of the Enemy


Sexual bondage is driven by the fact that men are dealing with a high-jacked brain, which is why they will have to work hard at recalibrating and reprogramming their brain to purposefully break down the strongholds that have them chained.

We will examine two major strongholds that keep men in the cycle of bondage: your arousal template, which are your sexual triggers; and your trauma profile, which are the wounded areas of your life. In this lesson, we will teach men how to get to the root of bondage and how to put in place emergency procedures to prevent relapse.

DVD 4: The Soldier and His Armor


The war for sexual purity is spiritual to the core. In this lesson, we study the weapons and strategies God has given to the believer to conquer the sexual sin in his life. We study the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, applying each piece of armor to our spiritual battle against sexual bondage. Men will learn how to take God’s Word from head knowledge down to the depths of their soul, while calling to remembrance God’s prophetic promises, which is foundational to the renewing of the mind.

DVD 5: The Battle Plan


What matters in life is not how you start, but how you finish. This lesson is designed to help men finish strong. Getting free from sexual bondage will be one of the hardest things a man will ever do in his life, which is why men need practical principles for the journey ahead. The strategies and principles taught in this lesson are based on biblical principles for renewing the mind and deepening one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

At the root of sexual bondage is an intimacy disorder. We walk men through the steps in restoring true intimacy with God and their wives. These biblical strategies will not only help men from acting out sexually, but allow them to walk in a life of purity. They will discover how they can become a weapon in God’s hand and have sweet revenge against the enemy.

DVD 6: Leaders DVD


The leaders DVD is designed for men who want to lead a Conquer Series small group. Dr. Ted Roberts shows leaders the steps to conduct a Conquer Series small group teaching session: from preparation, discussion time to handling accountability. We demonstrate what a typical small group session looks like with our own Conquer Series small group, led by Alan Ward.