Lesson Overview Volume 2

EPISODE 1: Strongholds of the Enemy (Part 2)

We open the second volume with practical strategies and new information. In this lesson, we will further examine how to access the wound - the root of bondage - and how to put in place emergency procedures to prevent relapse.

EPISODE 2: The Soldier and His Weapons

The war for sexual purity is spiritual to the core. In this lesson, we study the weapons and strategies God has given to the believer to conquer the sexual sin in his life. We study the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, applying each piece of armor to our spiritual battle against sexual bondage.

EPISODE 3: Changing Your Legacy

Pioneering studies in epigenetics corroborate Scripture on generational curses. In this episode, learn how you can change the genetic and spiritual legacy you’ll be passing on to your children and grandchildren. We will also examine the last two pieces of God’s armor as a continuation of the previous lesson.

EPISODE 4: The Battle Plan

At the root of sexual bondage is an intimacy disorder. We study the steps in restoring true intimacy with God and our wives. These Biblical strategies will not only help men from acting out sexually, but allow them to walk in a life of purity. Learn how to become a weapon in God’s hand and have sweet revenge against the enemy.

EPISODE 5: Finishing Strong

What matters in life is not how you start, but how you finish. This final lesson is designed to help men finish strong. Getting free from sexual bondage will be one of the hardest things a man will ever do in his life, which is why men need practical principles for the journey ahead. The strategies and principles taught in this lesson are based on Biblical principles for renewing the mind and deepening one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.


Now that you’ve been through the Conquer Series, it is time to take up your sword and begin to lead the charge for other men. Pastor James Craft presents a compelling message on how leading other men is also important for our own recovery.

Continue Your Journey To Freedom

Volume Two of the Conquer Series is a powerful 5 week, cinematic study for men hosted by Marine fighter pilot and pastor, Dr. Ted Roberts, who has helped lead thousands of men to freedom from pornography. This volume will build on what you have learned in Volume 1 and set you up with the tools you need to stand against the enemy.

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