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At Kingdomworks Studios, we wake up every day with a passion to make Christian films. If there’s one thing we love about filmmaking – it’s telling stories!  From the words that end up on the script, to the film that ends up on screen, our Source of inspiration has always been the Holy Spirit. Like Gideon’s army, our little band of filmmakers has taken projects that are beyond ourselves, knowing that God alone can multiply the little that we have and use it for His Kingdom.

Hollywood was once known for making epic Christian films, like Cecile B. DeMille’s blockbuster, “The Ten Commandments” and “King of Kings”, which was seen by over 800 million people by 1959 – 25% of the world’s population! Don’t forget, “Ben Hur” and “Chariots of Fire”. Christian films then were respected for their quality and had a huge impact on society. But whatever happened to Christian films?

Our work has been shown in over 10,000 churches. Our recent video, “Test of Fire” was broadcast on major national TV networks multiple times. We are also in the production of a movie for theaters called “Ark Hunter”, which is an action-adventure film about one man’s epic search for Noah’s ark. Our vision is to produce culturally-relevant films in different countries around the globe. Our prayer is that the Lord lead us to Christian businessmen and investors who will get behind this vision. Together we can create a new wave of high quality Christian films that will impact the world once again.

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Our Team

christian filmsDr. Ted Roberts
(Host, Co-writer)
christian filmsPastor Gary Ward
(Executive Producer)
christian filmsTiana Wiles
(Producer, Co-writer)
christian filmsRobert Joseph Saavedra
(Web Developer)
christian films

Josh Melin (Producer, Cameraman)

christian films

Alan Ward (Associate Producer)

christian films

Ferdi Willemse (Visual Effects, Animation)

christian films

Jeremy Wiles (Executive Producer, Director)