New film series set to speak hope into marriages and families across America

By Jeremy


Our small production team often reminds me of Gideon’s army – minus a few hundred. And like Gideon’s army, God has led our small team during the production of these three new film series we are producing, just as He did during the production of the Conquer Series. The Conquer Series is being used in thousands of churches in over 40 countries and has now impacted over 300,000 men.

These three new film series are set to bring healing and hope to marriages and families across America. We have spent the first couple of weeks of February in California interviewing neuroscientist Dr. James Fallon, marriage expert Dave Carder, Apologist Josh McDowell, James and Teri Craft, and others, which are just some of the guests that will be included in these new series. These new cinematic teaching series will address the subjects of marriage, parenting and betrayal. The series will be used in small groups within churches or for personal study. If your church is using the Conquer Series, then the betrayal series will help you begin a ministry to bring healing to women who are faced with the brokenness of betrayal.

Josh McDowell is founder of Josh McDowell Ministries who, as a college student, set out to disprove the existence of God, but instead, gave his life to Christ. After the film shoot, I was driving Josh back to his home and we were talking about the devastating impact that pornography is having on the church in America. He told me that he recently spent $250,000 on a Barna Research study which revealed that 79% of church-going men between the ages of 18-24 are actively watch pornography.

Josh McDowell

It was really encouraging to spend time with Josh because he also shares my frustration in trying to wake up the Pastors in America to the issue of pornography use among men in the church. It’s the number one threat to men, marriages and families. As we were driving through the beautiful mountainside in California, Josh told me, “The church only has 24-36 months to deal with this issue, or it will be too late.” He went on to explain that the pornography industry is moving into virtual reality porn. Pornography use has reached the tipping point. For the most part, the church is still in the dark. The youth don’t have a fighting chance unless the church starts to deal with the issue. There is no political solution for our nation. It must start with the Pastors.

Brain scan lab

While I was in California, I met up with James Fallon (no, not Jimmy Fallon), who is a renowned Neuroscientist. He blew our minds with his explanation of how we inherit brain function from our ancestors, which he learned about while studying the brains of serial killers. James took us to the University of California in Irvine to show us one of only five High Resolution Research Tomographs in the US, which take high resolution images of the brain. Wait until you hear what Dr. Fallon has learned in connection with how past generations pass down the “curses” to 3 to 4 generations. Finally, science is catching up with the Bible. Dr. Fallon will be featured in our series on leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Dave Carder, author of Unlocking Family Patterns explained some vital information about affair proofing your marriage. Dave also spoke about how many relationships can lose the passion felt when you first start dating, but bringing spontaneity into a relationship can bring that initial desire back.

Just working on creating these new DVD series and conducting these interviews has had a massive impact on our own marriage. We cannot wait to share this life changing information with you.

Thanks for standing behind the ministry that God has called my wife and I into. There are more updates to come! You can also Follow us on Facebook to get the latest info.


Jeremy and Tiana Wiles

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