Why Are So Many Men Single?

By Carol Archebelle


Looking for that perfect mate is a proverbial problem that has paved a way for profitable businesses. From shows like Millionaire Matchmaker to online dating websites like eHarmony, single men (and women) are looking for love. But even with a myriad of matchmaking tools and avenues, finding the right one hasn’t been more difficult as it is today.

Men are simply staying single longer than they ever have before.

Not only is the percentage of married Americans at its lowest since 1920, the marriage age is also at its highest ever – 29.5 years old on average for men according to a February 2017 Pew Research Center report.

In other words, less men are tying the knot and by the time they do, they’re almost 30. At first glance, you might think: ‘That’s not so bad.’ However, when you examine the developing trend much closer, you’ll realize there’s something more alarming to these statistics.

So, what’s the reason men are staying single longer?


In November 2014, a study released by The Institute for the Study of Labor (ISL) in Germany, analyzing over a thousand surveys of men aged 18 to 35, found that porn makes marriage less attractive to men, who are able to find ‘low cost sexual gratification’ via other avenues.

How can this be?

Dr. Judith Reisman, author, historian and activist who won a lawsuit against Playboy, likens the phenomena to that of the gypsy moth in a late 1960s experiment.

Real vs. Synthetic Attraction

“Years ago, someone had the clever idea to establish an amazing new silk industry in the United States, so they brought in gypsy moths [to mate and] create [it],” explains Reisman.

Instead, they ate our trees. The effects were disastrous. It was time to destroy the moths before they destroyed our forests, but pesticide after pesticide didn’t do the job.

“Finally, somebody came up with the very creative erotic concept… to have synthetic but intense smells of the female moths put into little pellets.” said Reisman.

At mating time, the male gypsy moths would seek after the smell of the female gypsy moths.�All around them females were fluttering, waiting to be chosen, but the male gypsy moths would continue to float all around, looking for that perfect mate… and finding no one.

“She’s all over the place, but he is not finding her,” said Reisman.

He didn’t find her, because the natural female scent couldn’t compete with the synthetic lab-created smell they had been exposed to.

“Eventually, they couldn’t mate [and] they died, because that smell that never, never equals what she’s got,” concluded Reisman. “In essence, that is exactly what has been happening with pornography.”

By Didier Descouens (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Porn reduces desire to marry – and stay married

Marriage used to mean sexual gratification. Today, that is found elsewhere.

This, in turn, affects the marriage rate.

Men who are 25 to 34 years old are six times more likely to be never married than they were in 1970. And men 35 to 44 are four times more likely to have never been married, according to the ISL study.

Think you are in the clear if you are already married? Think again.

Viewing X-rated films was associated with unhappiness in marriage, a decreased satisfaction with and lower frequency of intimate relations, and a higher likelihood of having an affair and getting a divorce, the ISL study found.

To top it off, wives are more likely to equate porn use with infidelity.

Even more disturbing – the study pointed to a claim that 87% of young men use porn. That means a vast majority of young men are growing up with porn and learning to attach to that which is synthetic. Can you imagine what kind of impact that will have on society for years to come?

But why? The chemicals that drive us

According to experts, Dr. Weiss, Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center and Dr. Tim Jennings, neuroscientist and author of The God Shaped Brain, there are some chemical reasons that men become embroiled in pornography – and can’t let it go.

“Whatever a man looks at, at the point of orgasm, he will attach to,” says Dr. Weiss.

Neurochemicals as powerful as drugs flood the brain when you watch porn.

Bonding hormones, such as oxytocin and vasopressin, which are normally released when a man and a woman are skin to skin with each other are released when a man watches porn.

These neurochemicals were designed by God to give us pleasure within the right relationships and by performing the right actions, but when they’re done outside of God’s will they create addictions and a cycle of shame that accompanies their behavior.


“Addictions decouple the higher cortical functions. When we do that through pornography… [it] surges dopamine into the pleasure circuits in a very similar way that drugs do, and it… damages those areas of the brain,” said Jennings. “So over the course of time, as you do this, the dopamine circuits of the brain become less responsive to normal pleasure.”

So Godly pleasure is no longer pleasurable.

Strawberries aren’t as sweet

Strawberries Don't Taste as Good after a Snickers Bar

Jennings points to a strawberry analogy to help explain.

“If you are really starving, ravenous, and hungry and there is a fresh bowl of perfectly ripe strawberries on the table, how would they taste?” Jennings asked. “They would taste sweet, and you’d get pleasure… it’s good.”

In your brain, your nucleus accumbens is activated and you are getting dopamine surges.

However, if you look at those same strawberries after eating a Snickers bar, they don�t taste so sweet. In fact, they can taste downright sour to you.

It’s not the strawberries that have changed – it’s you.

“You’ve artificially overstimulated your taste receptors with a high concentration of manmade sugar product, because you can’t go pick a Snickers bar off of a tree.” concludes Jennings.

Finding our way back into love

So how do we as individuals and as a society return to what is real?

There are ways to reset a brain that’s hooked on porn. It doesn’t involve willpower or simply trying harder.

It takes time and the creation of new neural pathways in the brain.

“Telling a man to try harder is only tightening the noose,” explains Dr. Ted Roberts, former Marine Fighter Pilot, pastor, and host of the Conquer Series which was has helped over 450,000 men conquer porn and walk in freedom. “Our goal with the Conquer Series is to give men a battle plan for purity. We’ve got a great tool here that will change lives.”

Reisman, Weiss. Jennings and Roberts are among the many experts featured in the Conquer Series 6-disc DVD set who provide amazing insight that helps set men free from pornography and sexual sin, while providing practical steps and biblically based principles to live in purity.

Order the Conquer Series today.

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2 Replies to “Why Are So Many Men Single?”

  1. natureman  November 14, 2017

    Perhaps there is some truth to the effect of the porn industry but we also live in a me first culture. When I was a young man I deeply loved a woman in my church but in time it turned out she did not want me and married a guy who was once our youth pastor, who incidently was fired after a short time for being a phoney. Next I fell for a pastor’s daughter who was beautiful but her heart was not in the Lord and though never said so was not interested in me. After many attempts I no longer find women very desirable. Sex is overated and why would I want to get married only to end up divorced. Divorce evenbfor right reasons is a painful and scarring experience. I belonged to an adult Sunday school class and almost everyone was divorced. Now in my early 60s I find little interest in women. Not so attractive later in life especially divorced women. Being single has allowed me the freedom to do and experience great adventures that I would never had experienced if I had married. I would still be interested in getting married but I haven’t met a nice woman in probably 20 years. I agree porn is a big problem for both men and women. You add to this a culture that encourages putting yourself first doesn’t help. I would rather be single then be regularly dissappointed by not being wanted.

    • Patrick  November 14, 2017

      I agree. Saying that porn is the only reason for why men are single is the wrong way to go in such a multifaceted problem. Yes porn is a problem, but just like porn is a problem for men(primarily), so also do women have their own issues and battles to fight, because in order for a relationship to work it takes two people pulling their own weight.

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