Pastor Barely Escapes Death in Underwater Cave, then this happens…

By Jeremy

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When bad goes to worse

Former mega church pastor, Dr. Ted Roberts, founder of Pure Desire Ministries, retells his story [in the video below] on how he escaped a terrifying near-death experience while free-diving in an underwater cave. An incident that would teach him one of the greatest lessons in his life.

Just like Dr. Roberts had a noose around his leg, men trapped in sexual sin wear a noose around their necks that only gets tighter when they “try harder” – that is praying harder, reading their Bible more and focusing on things that will change their behavior. Behavior modification doesn’t work because porn addiction is a heart issue. They must renew their mind and that is a process. Otherwise, when the continue to fall back into sin, it only increases the guilt, shame and condemnation. So telling a man to try harder only tightens that noose.

Today, science confirms what the Bible teaches on the strongholds of the mind, which is key in understanding how a person becomes enslaved to sin. According to neuropsychologist, Dr. Tim Jennings, “Any type of repetitive behavior will create trails in our brain that are going to fire on an automatic sequence.” That’s how 68% of Christian men can love the Lord, but stay trapped in sexual sin. The repeated viewing of porn changes their brain’s physical structure. What they need is a renewing of the mind, which requires getting into a process and knowing how to fight right.

Dr. Ted Roberts, host of the Conquer Series, has taught thousands of men over his 30 years in ministry how to live free of pornography. According to Dr. Roberts, “the gift of non-condemnation gives us the freedom to not sin anymore.” At the center of his teaching is being “gripped by grace” and igniting a loving relationship with your Heavenly Father.

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