KingdomWorks Studios Announces Three New Film Series for 2016

By Luke Gibbons


2016 is just around the corner and is set to bring a triad of biblical teaching and practical guidance for the family with three new teaching series! KingdomWorks Studios, the makers of the Conquer Series, have quietly been hard at work on these new series since January 2015.

It has been over two years now since the Conquer Series first hit the screens and it has had a phenomenal impact in over 40 countries. Over 250,000 men have gone through the 5-week course since it’s release not too long ago. Yet we know we are still only just getting started! We have heard some incredible stories of healing and recovery that God has brought about through the Conquer Series, but toward the end of last year, Director Jeremy Wiles and his wife, Tiana Wiles were stirred to start work on three new series.

“We had a great tool to help men deal with their struggles and deepen their relationship with God through the Conquer Series,” said Jeremy, “but we found that their wives were saying, ‘It’s great that men are finding support, encouragement and teaching but there is nothing out there for the women.'” Tiana Wiles added, “Too often women are impacted by the collateral damage their husbands have caused, but are not provided with any support to navigate through the pain. So, we decided to step out in faith and create a series for women on the process of healing from betrayal.”

“We also know that once couples have gone through this journey individually, they need to come back together and journey with God as a couple, therefore we are working on a series dedicated to marriage.” This new marriage series is being hosted by John and Lisa Bevere, Ted and Diane Roberts and Tom and Beverly Rodgers. It has special appearances from marriage experts Jimmy Evans, Dr. Doug Weiss and many others.

“Lastly, we know that God is our perfect Father, yet we so often fall short in our role as parents, so we are working on a series that will help couples to walk in God’s guidance and leave a legacy for their children,” explained Wiles.

Each series will be made up of two five week volumes featuring teaching, expert interviews, personal reflections and powerful cinematic stories.

Filming the series commenced at the Old Cigar Warehouse in Greenville, South Carolina back in August with a great line up of speakers, in front of a live audience.

John and Lisa Bevere

Since then we have been filming interviews with experts at a church and conference in Orlando, Florida…


…at the Old Cotton Mill in McKinney, Texas…


…at an old substation in Dallas, Texas…


…and in an industrial warehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Our team has been working hard and is ready for a break over Christmas, but we will be right back into it from the get go in 2016!

What’s still to come?

We will be finishing up interviews in January and February before filming the cinematic stories that are going to tie in with the teaching and bring the message home for the viewer. We can’t share too much about these reenactments just yet, except to say that you’re really going to enjoy them. If you enjoyed the cinematic Vietnam war stories in the Conquer Series, then you’ll love what we are working on this time around.

How can you help?

Please be praying for us as we develop these series, that we would create something that brings glory to God and healing to families. Please also be in prayer for those who will eventually watch the DVDs, that their hearts would be prepared to receive the teaching and that it will have a positive impact on their relationships.

If you would like to get involved in supporting these projects financially please contact us. Alternatively, we will be making pre sales available once we have a release date, so keep an eye on your inbox if you would like to support us in the final stages of production.

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