Hugh Hefner Dead at 91 – Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Him

By Carol Archebelle


Hugh Hefner has died overnight at the age of 91.

Most people know of Hefner as the founder of Playboy magazine and a driving force in legalizing pornography.

What they don’t know is that, as a virgin in college, Hefner swore his devotion to another man.

That man was Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

The Kinsey Reports – a set of books on sexual behavior released in the late 1940s and early 1950s – were the beginning of the end for sexual morality in our traditionally Judeo-Christian nation.

To Kinsey, all the sexual perversions anyone could imagine fell into the realm of normal, and (in a quantum leap of faulty logic) therefore moral, behavior. He also claimed that humans were sexual at birth.

His methods of collecting data, however, were questionable at best.

Dr. Judith Reisman is a world historian on the destruction of human sexuality who has fought the pornography industry for decades and even won a lawsuit against Playboy.

“I looked at the graphs he provided and I said, ‘Wait a minute, that is a two month old baby,'” Dr. Reisman shared about her review of Dr. Kinsey’s research. “How does he know a two month old baby did or did not have an orgasm?”

“He also employed bonafide pedophiles to do what they did to children for his so-called data,” Dr. Reisman revealed in an interview in the Conquer Series, a cinematic film series that is helping men break free from porn.

Dr. Kinsey’s research was also partially based on the collection of data and confessions of Nazi pedophile Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, who raped hundreds of children.

Nevertheless, Kinsey’s work became the foundation for the sex educational structure and changes in sodomy and abortion laws, as well as the near-total sexual morality erosion in today’s world.

Kinsey’s goal was to change our belief about ourselves by making us believe that we are sexual at birth. When our beliefs change, our behaviors change.

As a virgin in college, Hefner heard Dr. Kinsey’s message and decided he would champion it.

“He said, ‘I will be Kinsey’s pamphleteer,'” recounted Dr. Reisman.

Hefner life’s work became to not only legalize pornography but distribute it on a massive scale.

Though he is now gone, his dark legacy continues.

Global porn revenue exceeds $97 billion per year, with $13 billion of that coming from the U.S.

Forty million adults regularly visit porn sites, and pornography use is the number one reason why men in the church seek counseling.

Men are in the sexual battle for their lives and are desperate for a way out.

Men Are Breaking Free From Hefner’s Dark Legacy

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