How To Lead Your Conquer Group

There are thousands of men who are taking up their sword and leading other men to victory. Leading a Conquer Group is a great privilege and an even greater responsibility.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a Conquer Leader. The lie that Satan tells most men is, “You are not fit to lead,” but the truth is, you are a Conqueror in Christ! To lead a Conquer Group, you need to know how to press play on the DVD player and how to read the questions from your Study Guides to the rest of the group. If you can do that, then you are on the road to leading a Conquer Group.

Find a Co-Pilot

To lead your Conquer Group well, we recommend finding a co-leader so that, if you are unable to lead one week, your co-leader can easily step in and the group can continue. Over the years, we've seen that the most successful groups have co-leaders.


  1. Watch Volume 1, Lesson 6, "How to Lead a Group" before you start.
  2. Meet with your co-leader before the group each week and watch that week's lesson together before the group meeting to give you both a chance to process the information.
  3. Read through the Study Guide prior to group time each week so you know which questions you will be asking.

Keep it small

The ideal group size is 5-6 people including the Conquer Leaders. This is really important, as you will find that if your group is any larger, some men won’t have an opportunity to share and you will not be able to get through all of the material in the time allocated. If there's a large amount of guys, then watch the series together and break off into smaller groups afterwards.

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