Healing For Women

A word to the women

For decades hell’s strategic attacks against men have intensified. If we then could have seen the carnage through spiritual eyes, the Church would not be in its neutralized state today.  We would have more men at the vanguard leading the battle.

The war for manhood is won or lost in the area of sexual integrity. This is where marriages are built or broken and where families are forged or forsaken.


“The only place on this planet where you see the image of God is in the covenant relationship between husband and wife or in healthy relationships between singles in church. Satan hates the image of God and will do everything in his power to prevent intimacy from happening!” – Dr. Ted Roberts

Sponsor the Conquer Series for your church

We are looking for women who are committed follower’s of Christ who recognize what sexual sin is doing to the Church and are willing to take an active role to do something about it.  Sponsor the Conquer Series for your Church by purchasing it today. Soon available will be a Pastor’s Resource Kit that will contain 5 sermon outlines and 5 short video clips to accompany each week’s sermon.

Women are invaluable to this campaign of restoring manhood back to the Church. Behind every victorious man is a faithful and wise woman.

When you sponsor the Conquer Series for your Church, we will ship the 5-week DVD series directly to you or your Church.  Share it with the men in your life today!

Help for hurting women


We realize that there might be women reading this who are living with a husband who is struggling with sexual sin. Whether you came to that discovery accidentally or through confession, the experience is equally traumatic. According to clinical studies, the effect is similar to the trauma experienced by rape victims. You are not alone and you are not to feel hopeless. Help and support is available for you and your husband.

While our primary purpose is to build men and restore manhood back to the Church, we cannot ignore the needs of hurting wives. Healing needs to take place in both husband and wife and often times the wife is overlooked in the process.

We advise women whose husbands are struggling with sexual sin to seek help. In America, there are Christian counselors who specialize in this area. Many of them offer long-distance counseling, from the convenience of your computer via Skype, Google Video or Facetime. You can find our referrals on our resource page. We also encourage these hurting women to join a support group referred by your church or PureDesire.Org. Resources for women, such as “Betrayal and Beyond” by Diane Roberts, are also available on PureDesire.Org.

We are also currently working on a series for the wives of the men who go through the Conquer Series. You can help us to complete this series and get it to the women who need it by praying for it and making a contribution on our donations page.

It is important for you to start the healing process for yourself and learn to set up healthy boundaries, whether your husband is in the process of being restored or has not taken yet those steps.