4 Tips To Conquer This Christmas

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Christmas is the time for giving. Unfortunately, it is also the time for taking.

Studies show that theft and burglary crimes spike during the holidays. Packages left in cars, boxes on doorsteps, and a pile of presents under a family’s tree are appealing to those who are looking to snatch some gifts for themselves.

But besides the criminals sneaking around, there are other attackers waiting for the right moment to pounce on victims. While we are excitedly celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the enemy of our souls – Satan – has his own evil plans to do us harm.

John 10:10 tells us that “the thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy.”

You wouldn’t want a thief to break into your home and take your belongings. Similarly, you would take steps to keep Satan out while defending what is yours.

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So as you enjoy the festivities this Christmas season, here are some suggestions to protect your most precious gift – your family.

Guard Your Mind

If you are a porn user, you first need to guard your own mind. Studies show that porn viewing increases during the holidays. You need to be extra vigilant that you don’t allow yourself to be in situations that will enable you to sneak off to your computer, look at sexual images on your phone, or hide with a magazine.

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Quit porn for good

Instead, focus your mind on the Christmas story. Think of how Jesus came to give you a life of joy and hope, not shame and guilt. As Paul told us in Philippians 4:8,

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” (NIV).

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Spend as much time as you can with your wife, children, relatives, and friends, enjoying the interaction with others instead of sitting alone looking at porn. Treasure these times with these gifts God has blessed you with.

Corral Your Wife

The Christmas season can be very stressful for your wife, so look for ways to support and help her.

She may be worried about guests arriving, last minute preparations for Christmas morning, making a big meal, or many other things. Showing you love her by being her encourager and helper will go a long way for strengthening your marriage and keeping yourself away from porn.

Strengthen her physically, emotionally, and spiritually so her joy and peace cannot be stolen.

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She is a gift from God that is more precious than anything else you could ever receive. Let her know you stand beside her and she can lean on you when the season gets crazy.

Protect Your Children

Your children may be particularly vulnerable to having the enemy try to make inroads into their lives to steal and destroy. The heavy focus on commercialism and selfishness easily distracts children from the real meaning of Christmas.

Be careful about the electronic gifts you give them. Laptops, tablets, phones, computers, and video games can be easy portals to pornography. Set boundaries and expectations with them. Consider installing filters and blockers to limit their access to porn sites.

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Take all the precautions you can, because today’s children are tech savvy and are almost always only a couple clicks away from porn. If you struggle with porn yourself, you know that you don’t want to see your children start down that road.

Tim Challies, the pastor of Grace Fellowship in Toronto, said,

“Children and teenagers are insatiably curious and are taught from a young age to use the Internet to find answers to their questions. This is a dangerous combination when it comes to adult matters, and especially matters of sexuality. The concerned parent will want to make it as difficult as possible for his children to access dangerous or pornographic material, even if they want to.”

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Be Vigilant

Christmas is a time for us to be thankful for God’s gift of His Son to us. Jesus came to save us from all of our sins – including sexual sin.

Don’t let the enemy steal what Jesus gave us – joy, hope, peace, and love. Stand firm in defending yourself and your family.

So worship Him, share His story with your family, and believe that with His help and strength, you will begin to break free from porn.

Make sure you take time away from the busyness of the season to let the story of Christ’s birth affect you. Soak in His Grace!

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The Conquer Series

This Christmas season is the perfect time to begin to overcome your pornography usage. What a great gift it would be to your family to know that their husband and father is determined to win his battle with porn.

The 10-week award-winning Conquer Series is a course that has helped millions of men lead a porn-free life. The series is packed with strong Biblical teaching, action footage, and inspiring testimonies. It is recommended that you find a Conquer Series small group at a church near you to connect with, but you can also view the course on your own.

Sonya wrote,

“God has done a great work of deliverance in my husband’s life. The Conquer Series was instrumental in that. After ordering the series for my son, he watched them with him…My husband, Tim, met with our pastor. God used our pastor to help deliver Tim from the addiction of smokeless tobacco, unforgiveness, and pornography. He has a new heart! Praise God!!”

Sign up for digital access today and let this truly be a season for rejoicing.



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