How To Finish Your Conquer Group Well

You have led your men valiantly through the Conquer Series, well done! But now you are nearing the end, what’s next?

Prepare for Volume 2 of the Conquer Series

If you have only been through the first volume of the Conquer Series, there is more to come! Make sure you continue the journey to freedom in the second volume.

Make this an Ongoing Ministry

Do you think there will be fewer men in bondage to porn next year than there are today? This is a growing problem! This has to become a full time ministry to men in your church. If you have gone through both volumes of the Conquer Series, then run the series again to reach more men. Every church needs to have the Conquer Series as an ongoing ministry. Here’s one way that churches have started doing this:

  • A Conquer Leader takes a group of men through the course
  • When that course ends, each of the participants partners with a new man, guiding them through the next course
  • When the second round of groups end, the leaders graduate into the Seven Pillars of Freedom, and the participants pair up with new participants to lead another group through the Conquer Series.

These churches are seeing a groundswell of men having victory and being restored to leadership.

Pave A Path To Victory

Give men the ability to continue growing once they’ve been through the Conquer Series by offering the Seven Pillars of Freedom. The Conquer Series should be an ongoing course for new men. As Dr. Ted says in the Conquer Series, this is a two to five year process, so men need to be discipled throughout that period. The Seven Pillars of Freedom will build upon what you’ve learned during the Conquer Series and help take you deeper in the healing process.

Find out more about the Seven Pillars of Freedom.

These items will help you lead your men to victory