Film Crew embarks on Blind Descent Everest Reenactment

By Luke Gibbons

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The KingdomWorks Studios film crew is heading into the vast Canadian Wilderness this week to capture Brian Dickinson’s death defying true story of descending Everest while snow blind.

Brian Dickinson and the crew are currently en route to Tatla Lake in remote British Columbia, where a helicopter will take them, the film equipment and survival gear on the 40 mile journey to Mount Waddington.Expedition luggage

With only a satellite phone connecting the team to the rest of the world, they will spend the next several days filming with Brian to tell his story of not only summiting Everest solo, but then climbing down after he had gone snow blind after a fall had cracked his snow goggles.

Director and KingdomWorks Studios CEO, Jeremy Wiles, posted on social media earlier this week,

“Brian Dickinson summited Everest by himself and then went snow blind on the summit. He was on the highest peak in the world, low on oxygen, snowblind and all alone. It’s an extraordinary story of faith – getting up and trusting God with your next step without knowing what lies ahead. God can move mountains, but many times he gives us the strength to climb.”

The 11 minute featurette retelling Brian’s story will form part of KingdomWorks Studios new series on Marriage which is currently in production.

What does a mountain have to do with marriage?

Marriage is beautiful but it is not always easy. In marriage, there will be a time when it feels like there is an enormous mountain to get past and you think “How are we ever going to make it through this?”

Brian’s story of making it down from Everest reminds us that we have a God who is bigger than any mountain that we might face, whether it is physically being stuck on the top of the highest mountain in the world, or feeling stuck in our marriage and unsure of how we will ever make it through.

Even if we can’t see the path ahead, we can trust that God will guide us every step of the way.

Such a powerful reminder of Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:26,

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

We invite you to pray with us as the team heads out onto Mount Waddington, not only for their safety but for the many marriages who will be touched by this series once it is completed.

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