How This Dad Is Preparing His Kids For A Pornified World

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When my boys were very young, I knew they would someday face certain temptation regarding pornography. I was determined to head that off. As young as around age 8, I talked to my boys about keeping their eyes pure, and what images to avoid. I then followed up with accountability; asking them every few months how they were doing. I continued asking the questions well into their teenage years and always got a “fine” from them.

I was convinced that every young man growing up today will battle with pornography except for two: my two.

I was wrong. Eventually my oldest son confided in me about his battle with pornography. Later I learned that both my boys dealt with it, but got in the habit of just telling me everything was ok each time I asked. My accountability questions brought on guilt, but did not help my boys.

Resolution in the Midst of Reality

Around this time, I kept seeing advertisements for the Conquer Series in Charisma Magazine and elsewhere. I eventually looked into them, but was hesitant to buy them at first. Feeling at a loss for how to help my boys, I did finally purchase the series.

My only regret was not purchasing the Conquer Series sooner.

This DVD series is amazing! Once a week I would sit with my boys and watch a DVD. Initially I wanted to keep it low key for them so I did not have them go through the SAST test, nor did I have them follow through with all of the suggested activities the first time through. I figured the material would speak for itself, and it did. I could tell my boys were both impacted by them. They both expressed gratefulness that I not only purchased the series, but took the time to watch the DVDs with them too. That’s significant, coming from teenage boys!

If I could go back in time, I would have purchased these sooner and started watching age-appropriate sections with them at a younger age.

Securing a Foundation for Later

I also have two daughters, both in their early 20’s. I decided to give this series to my oldest daughter to watch with the hopes that she would want to have her future husband watch these with her someday. She was so impacted by the materials that she not only agreed to watch them with her future husband, but also asked if she could loan the DVDs to her best friend to watch.

My wife and I believe in the materials so much that my wife now even talks about sharing the Conquer Series DVDs with family and close friends.

Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow

As parents, we want to invest in our children. We’re willing to spend a lot of money on sports, education, and even recreation. It is vitally important that we plan for their future, not just in terms of the hopes and dreams that we have for them, but also for the struggles that they may face.

These DVDs are a small price to pay for the well-being of your sons (and daughters).

If we can prepare our kids now, the trickle effect of the struggle will not have the potential to hurt so many. I have no doubt that if you purchase the Conquer Series and watch it with your boys, you will agree.

Jeff Bush is a father, backpacker and software developer from Montgomery, Alabama.

Order the Conquer Series today and leave your kids a legacy of integrity like Jeff did.

The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic series which is helping over 1 million men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

Get started, and order the Conquer Series today.

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