Corn Is Becoming A Serious Problem For Christian Men – Here’s How…

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The United Nations Commission on Addictions has announced that the growth of corn use and addiction cases has reached epidemic levels. Efforts to increase public awareness of this devastating problem are being launched.

“The current corn epidemic is very troubling in so many ways,” said Dr. Alvin Romero, the chairman of the U.N. commission. “We are seeing individual lives, families, and communities facing severe impacts from the rampage of corn.”

Dr. Romero explained that the roots of the current crisis go back many decades. For years corn use was considered harmless. But modern society has made corn so much easier to obtain.

“Corn is now available in so many forms,” said Dr. Theodore Nibbletts, a Corn Addiction Counselor. “Anybody – even children – can simply go into a store and grab a can of sweet corn, cream of corn, corn on the cob, corn chowder, corn nuggets, cornbread, and so much more. It’s everywhere. You can’t seem to avoid it!”

Highly concentrated corn is now being put into other foods and drinks in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. People are becoming hooked before they are even aware they are consuming it.

Corn Producers have even created candy corn to target children.


Frighteningly, Dr. Romero noted that even children as young as 11 years-old have easy access to corn and begin forming dangerous corn habits.

Part of the growth in corn is the constant bombardment that the public faces from corn producers. Major companies glut the market with their corn harvests and tease people into buying their products. America is by far the largest corn producing country in the world.

Can You Really Get Addicted to Corn?

Most people consider corn to be harmless and even enjoyable. Sadly, many men have found that constantly craving corn is no laughing matter.

Men who are addicted to corn simply feel helpless in giving up their extreme desire for corn. They usually have a stash of corn that nobody knows about, even their wives. They feel shame and embarrassment that they cannot control their constant need for corn.

Dr. Nibbletts said that these men feel isolated from family and friends. They use their corn secretly, often at night. Some access corn even at work, risking their jobs if discovered.

Corn addicts admit that their corn viewing cuts into their time with their wives and children and creates guilt in their minds. They fear if anyone finds out, their families could be ruined. Statistics prove their fears to be correct.

Corn Affects Even The Church

Reports show that 68% of men who attend church struggle with corn. And over 50% of pastors admit to having corn problems.

But corn is one of the topics that seem to be taboo in the church. No church wants to believe any of its men are secretly struggling with corn, creating a stigma that adds to the problem.

Because it is so rarely discussed, men who battle corn withdraw even more into their isolated worlds. Not only do they try to maintain their ‘good man’ image for society, but they must also battle to maintain a Christian image at church.

Dr. Nibbletts said, “Corn addicts who attend church really face a gut-wrenching struggle. Although they are ashamed, embarrassed, and feel guilty about their corn use, they think there is nobody they can turn to, even at church. Unfortunately, too often they are right.”

Corn Will Not Just Go Away

The vast amount and availability of corn will continue to rise. The corn industry has created such a massive global demand for its products that trying to pretend it is not a crisis is foolish.

Too much money is at stake, and corn producers will not let their wallets be affected. They are even expanding their offerings into virtual corn products.

Dr. Romero stated that new emerging technologies will make the corn market explode.

Corn can seem so harmless to most people. But to any man who has to fight corn every day to try to keep his family, job, and relationships intact, corn is a devastating reality.

But Seriously

While this story may be a little corny, pornography is not a joke. Too many men are addicted to this life-destroying problem. Society’s landscape is littered with broken families, ruined careers, and men desperately wanting to be free from living in shame, guilt, and isolation.

Meanwhile, the Church remains silent. Sermons on sexual issues are not preached, recovery groups are not offered, and even many pastors are too involved in porn themselves to provide guidance.

It’s time for the church to act – now. The types and amount of pornography are gaining a foothold in your church. It’s no laughing matter.

A Lifeline For Men

Thankfully, your church does not have to confront the porn issue alone. The Conquer Series is a 10-week study that 1,000,000 men in over 80 countries have used to find freedom from pornography.

Church leaders can present the videos to their men, in small groups or the entire congregation. It contains information that everyone needs to know.

The videos contain engaging lessons that include action footage, challenging testimonies, and solid Biblical perspectives. The interactive study guide and online journal, available through the digital pass, should be used to help men absorb the lessons and stay focused on a daily basis.

Get digital access to the Conquer Series today. It’s time to take the porn epidemic seriously – especially in your own church.

The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic series which is helping over 1 million men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

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4 Replies to “Corn Is Becoming A Serious Problem For Christian Men – Here’s How…”

  1. daryl sterk  August 30, 2018

    Can you provide the links to the UN commission and report/articles that are referred to at the beginning of this article? that would be much appreciated…

    • Luke  August 31, 2018

      Great question Daryl! This article is satirical so that report is made up. There actually isn’t a corn problem (except for high-fructose corn syrup but that’s a problem for another ministry), but there is a massive porn problem. We put together this article as some people do not want to talk about the issue of pornography – but they will read a satirical article about corn and in doing so will learn about the devastating effects of pornography.

  2. daryl sterk  September 1, 2018

    Thanks Luke… i understand that it is referring to porn and so wondered if the UN actually did a report on porn/addictions…

  3. milton schmidt  September 1, 2018

    rest easy everyone -candy corn is manufactured with honey (less problematic as sweeteners go) sadly our youngsters ARE being targeted for sexual addiction, however (by our example and the abuse and neglect we heap upon them) for better or for worse sexual arousal is a potent analgesic for the pain of separation from GOD (but nothing substitutes for a restored relationship w/our Creator … thankfully our Savior is a Deliverer and a Healer)

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