Conquer Series 6-DVD Set


KingdomWorks Studios presents a new DVD
based study for men, featuring five compelling
lessons by former U.S Marine fighter pilot
and senior pastor, Dr. Ted Roberts. The
Conquer Series, unrivaled in its scope and
authority, is a life-changing, 5-week
discipleship study that lays out the battle plan
for purity. It provides men with biblical strategies,
scientific facts and insight on how to use God’s
weapons to become conquerors. For the first time in
history, a cinematic teaching series on sexual purity is here to help men
get to the root of all sin, while offering proven principles and practical tools
to walk in freedom from sexual sin like pornography for the rest of their lives.
Take your first step to freedom.


According to Dr. Roberts, host of the Conquer Series, churches often
treat this issue as a moral one, but fail to recognize it’s mainly a brain
problem, “We tell men to try harder, pray harder, love Jesus more.”
Dr. Roberts adds, “But, what starts off as a moral problem, quickly be-
comes a brain problem.” The repeated viewing of porn literally creates
trails in his brain that begin to fire on an automatic sequence. This is
why a man can love the Lord, but be hooked on porn. The mind must be
renewed. Dr. Ted Roberts has developed a unique biblical process that
he’s used to help thousands of men renew their mind and find freedom.
He has a 95% success rate in helping men to break the bondage to por-
nography. Find out more about what you’ll learn in the Conquer Series
through the lesson overview.

The battle is in the bain. Inside your brain are highways.
Every time you repeat a behavior you widen the highway in
your brain so that it’s easier to travel down that road again.
Understanding the brain is pivotal in finding freedom and this
is where the Conquer Series goes in-depth. Just trying
harder not to do a behavior doesn’t work. The Conquer Series
trains men on how the brain works and becomes enslaved to
porn. Watching porn actually alters the physical composition of
the brain. But, there’s good news! The brain is moldable. In
the Conquer Series you’ll learn how to remold your brain and
renew your thoughts.

Thousands of churches across the U.S and in dozens of countries
around the world are using the Conquer Series to train their men.
This is not the “men’s porn program” at the church. It’s a disciple-
ship series on becoming a conqueror in Christ! Every man, regard-
less if they’re struggling with pornography or not, should attend this
life-changing series. The truth is, 68% of men in church view por-
nography on a regular basis. The cinematic series will give Pastors
the confidence that they can restore men using proven bible-based
principles. This non-denominational 5-week small group study is the
first of its kind to show men how to retrain a brain that’s hooked on
porn. It comes with a leader’s DVD to help those who would like to
lead men in this battle. If you’re a Pastor or church leader, we want
to partner with you!

The Conquer Series study guide, which is sold seperately
from the DVD set, highlights the most essential points from
each weekly DVD lesson and maximizes the overall impact.
The study guide is a crucial component to the effectiveness of
the DVD lessons. To make the most out of the Conquer
Series, please make sure that each member of your group
has a Conquer Series Study Guide.

A man caught in a sexual bondage lives in a lonely world, because his
primary energy is directed inward. He spends an enormous amount
of energy resisting the bondage and keeping it secret, all the while
planning his next sexual high. It’s a sad way to live. But it’s not
about sex. It’s how he’s learned to medicate the pain and stress in
his life. When his focus is only on stopping his destructive behavior,
he’s essentially tightening the noose around his neck. In the Con-
quer Series you’ll learn the four elements of the noose and how to
identify a relapse 3-6 weeks before it happens. There are clear indi-
cators that reveal when he’s headed for trouble. Many Christians
expect Christ to deal with the problem miraculously. He does, but it
involves renewing the mind, and that never happens overnight.