Churches Called to Show Holocaust Film on National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

By Luke Gibbons

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Will you raise your voice for those who have no voice?

Churches around the Nation are getting ready to commemorate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, on January 22 – and this year they’re being encouraged to show a powerful short film about the Jewish Holocaust.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday was formed in 1984 as a proclamation by Ronald Reagan on the 11th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade – a case where the US Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 50 states.

In 2017 thousands of churches across the world are showing Sing A Little Louder, a powerful cinematic short film set in Germany during the Jewish Holocaust.

Sing A Little Louder is inspired by the true story of an elderly man who in his youth witnessed the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust from the pews of his Church. He retold his story as a demonstration that abortion is our modern day Holocaust, only the casualties are far greater.

The 11-minute short film provides a stunning message for the twenty-first century and the current genocide that’s taking place with unborn children. This film was shot on location in Holland and is being used to help raise awareness for the pro-life movement. It’s being offered to churches for free.

Film Director, Jeremy Wiles spoke about the impact that the film has already created, “Churches all across the nation have been showing the film during their Sunday services and it’s because the film has a timely and important message. The church just can’t continue to sing louder.”

“With Sanctity of Human Life Sunday following President Elect, Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20, this film is a timely reminder that the Church cannot sit on its hands and wait for Government on the issue of abortion, we have to raise our voice for those who have no voice. When we stand before God he will ask what we did for the least of these. It’s time abortion is outlawed and the genocide comes to an end,” explains Wiles.

Churches and Groups are invited to download the Sing A Little Louder for free at and show the film on January 22. The free download includes discussion questions and suggestions on how your church can be a voice for unborn children and how you can be a support to those facing unexpected pregnancies.

Watch and share the Sing A Little Louder movie now.

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