Changing the Future of Men’s Small Groups

By Kayla Sullivan

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Pursuing a life of sexual integrity in an overtly sexualized world seems like an unscalable mountain standing in our way. Rarely are families, small groups, or churches talking about the dangers of pornography. And even by the time it is discovered, the damage has already been done. In its wake is an aftermath of despair, hopelessness, and the belief that you’ll never be able to find freedom.

A variety of programs exist to help those struggling with pornography or sexual sin.  However, many of those programs barely brush the surface.  Instead of providing lifelong healing, individuals are being taught behavior modification as a means to manage the struggle.

For more than one million men around the world, one small group study outshines them all.

All-Inclusive Healing

The Conquer Series is a revolutionary cinematic study that combines both science and Scripture to demolish the strongholds of sexual sin.  Moving beyond stopping destructive behaviors, this powerful study helps expose the roots that are contributing to the struggle.  These roots may be painful childhood moments, trauma, the absence of a parent, or even critical words spoken into a person’s life.  Men will be able to understand how the brain is altered through the addictive process, and why trying harder does not work.  And finally, they will begin to throw off their old identity to trade it for their identity found in Christ.

But don’t just take our word for it.


Jerry in Michigan shared,

“Three years ago, I began going through the Conquer Series for a porn addiction I’ve had for several decades of my life. God has broken the strongholds of pornography in my life. I have been free for over three years!”

Abram Johnston in Montpelier, Ohio contacted us regarding his twenty-year struggle with porn. He tried everything in his power to quit, even choosing to study addictions counseling in college. Though he learned a lot about recovery, he could not find freedom for himself – until he found the Conquer Series. He contacted us in 2019 to share his progress with us.

“In the last 2 years, God changed my course to search for healing instead of working so hard to gain sobriety. This journey led me last year to the Conquer Series, which helped me to intentionally walk through this healing with other men, instead of trying to do it on my own. I can now say that I have been clean longer now than I have been in 20 years, and I’m excited to step into a role of helping other men find this freedom.”

Though we’ve heard a tremendous amount of feedback through the years regarding the Conquer Series, we still felt that we could help men take their healing to the next level.

Re-Inventing Small Groups

Recently, we released the Conquer Series on our brand-new digital streaming platform, Soul RefinerSoul Refiner is groundbreaking in bringing inner-healing to the Church.  With options to host both in-person and virtual small groups, borders that once existed between the body of Christ are being torn down.  Friends who started this journey together can continue marching forward, even if someone needs to relocate.  And should a family emergency arise, causing you to miss one of the weekly sessions, you can still have access to the video through a digital pass.  We have also introduced powerful reporting features that are significantly changing the way small groups function.

Individual Awareness

First, there are new reports for each individual.  Daily, members should journal, meditate on Scripture, and complete the FASTER Scale.  This scale is a tool that helps men identify where they are in regards to relapse.

As the daily check-in is completed, data is collected and compiled for the individual to see in a detailed health report.  Should an individual relapse, a Crash Analysis will help them recognize days of the week or a time period when they are most prone to relapse.  Additionally, sleep patterns and top triggers will be noted.  This detailed report will provide suggestions on how to avoid a relapse in the future.

Advancing Leadership

We’ve also released a brand-new, comprehensive report for group leaders.  By logging in to their dashboard, leaders can quickly see each member’s progress.  They can see when each person last checked-in, the number of episodes watched, and the percentage of progress being made each week.  At a glance, they can verify that the required documents for group participation have been completed.  And finally, leaders can see where each person is in regards to the FASTER Scale.  With these new reports, small group leadership is advancing.  Now, leaders will be able to identify times when a member may need additional encouragement, accountability, prayer, and support.

The future of small groups is advancing, thanks to Soul Refiner and modern technology.  Are you ready to take your small group to a brand new level?  Will you join forces with your brothers and sisters in Christ to wage war against the enemy?  Now is the time to reclaim your territory, your marriage, and your family!

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