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The Conquer Series brings Porn message to National Religious Broadcasters

The Conquer Series team was onsite last week at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Proclaim ’16 conference in Nashville. Pornography in the church is an epidemic, and the Christian media is in a powerful position to make a difference, so we wanted to make ourselves available to help broadcasters carry a message of freedom. Men… Read More

Film makers rally pastors

Porn epidemic in churches prompts Christian filmmakers to rally pastors

Every second over $3,000 is spent on it. Every second over 25,000 Internet users are viewing it. Forty million men regularly visit websites for it. Ten percent of men admit they suffer from an online addiction to it. According to a recent survey of church leaders, 50 percent of pastors and 68 percent of Christian… Read More

Crisis of Manhood


There is a serious masculinity crisis in churches across the world. Just take America, for instance. In 2003, the typical church attendance in the U.S. was made up of only 39% male, 90% of churches struggle to maintain a vibrant men’s ministry – and more than 70% of boys, raised in church, abandon it in… Read More