Dr. McIlhaney

Dr. Joe McIlhaney

Dr. Joe McIlhaney is a prominent obstetrician and gynecologist and the Founder/Chairman of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, a pro-abstinence medical research organization he established in 1992. He served on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and on the Advisory Committee to the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 1995,… Read More

Rob Smets

Rob Smets – “The Bull Fighter”

Rob Smets is a 5-time World Champion Bullfighter, better known as the “Kamikaze Kid”. Just one look at Rob and you’d know he’s one tough fella. During his career, he never hesitated to put himself between a bull and a bullrider, knowing fully well he could likely die saving others. Cody Lambert, a legendary bullrider… Read More

Paul Cole

Paul Cole – “The Leader”

Paul Louis Cole is the son of the late Dr. Edwin Cole, who was the father of the Christian Men’s Movement. Paul is the President of the Christian Men’s Network Worldwide and Founding Pastor of C3 Church in Dallas, Texas. Paul writes, speaks and travels extensively encouraging and advancing the men’s movement around the world…. Read More

Eric Hovind

Eric Hovind: “The Debater”

Eric Hovind is a gifted speaker who is always ready to give a defense to anyone who challenges his faith in Christ and the authority of the Bible. Eric is the president of Creation Today, a leading Christian-apologetics ministry that defends the literal interpretation of the Genesis creation account, opposing the theory of evolution. He… Read More

Scott Mendes

Scott Mendes “World Champion Bullrider”

Scott Mendes is a World Champion Bullrider who rode some of the fiercest bulls of his time, including the world’s most dangerous fighting bull, Bodacious. Scott‘s career took off, but his life took a drastic turn after witnessing his friend’s death at a PBR event, just seconds prior to his turn in the arena. That’s… Read More