18 JANUARY 2017

Will Trump’s Pledge Stop the Proliferation of Porn?

WILL TRUMP’S PLEDGE STOP THE PROLIFERATION OF PORN? With President Elect, Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday, will he fulfill the commitment that he made during his Presidential campaign to end the spread of pornography? In August, anti-porn group, Enough is Enough released a statement indicating that Trump had signed The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge. […]

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Road ahead
4 JANUARY 2017

How to Quit Porn in 2017

HOW TO QUIT PORN IN 2017 We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions that we quickly break – Statistic Brain reports that less than 9% of people successfully achieve their resolution. With 68% of men in the church viewing porn on a regular basis, the dominant cry in their hearts is “l will never do this […]

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Christmas Bauble
12 DECEMBER 2016

Porn viewing spikes over Christmas

Porn viewing spikes over Christmas The latest review of Google Search Trends shows that the week of Christmas brings a spike of porn related search traffic in the US every year. While a popular porn site revealed that Christmas Day is their lowest day in the year for site traffic, data from Google Trends reveals […]

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Mount Waddington

Film Crew embarks on Blind Descent Everest Reenactment

Film Crew embarks on Blind Descent Everest Feature The KingdomWorks Studios film crew is heading into the vast Canadian Wilderness this week to capture Brian Dickinson’s death defying true story of descending Everest while snow blind. Brian Dickinson and the crew are currently en route to Tatla Lake in remote British Columbia, where a helicopter will […]

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31 AUGUST 2016

How to Delete Porn from Your Brain

How to Delete Porn from Your Brain In a society bent towards the microwave mentality of “gotta have it now”, it would be convenient if God armed our brain with a porn “delete” button that would instantly delete the images from our mind. In a sense, He has, but not in a New York minute […]

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