Isolation is the result of viewing porn together

What Viewing Porn Together Did To Our Relationship

Trivia Time! Headlines scream it, television shows promote it, newspaper articles are encouraging it, and some people will highly recommend it. What is it? The answer: Watching porn with your significant other. Almost everywhere you turn, couples are encouraged to introduce pornography to their relationship as a way to spice things up in the bedroom…. Read More

porn is dangerous

5 Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Start Watching Porn

It all seemed so simple the first time you flipped through the pages of a porn magazine or clicked a link on the internet to see a video. You thought, “This can’t be a bad thing. I’ll only look for a few minutes.” But then a few minutes turned into an hour, then an afternoon,… Read More

kids playing video game

Parents Beware: Porn Companies Are Targeting Video Gamers

If you think that pornography’s market is limited to online videos, books, and magazines, you’re wrong. Porn is now making major inroads into two areas that will tighten its grip even more – online gaming and virtual reality. According to Ben Miller, Digital Strategies Coordinator for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), even as… Read More

Why man cannot quit porn alone

Why Man Cannot Quit Porn Alone

Most men like to feel independent. They want to believe that they can handle any situation on their own, from fixing a leaky faucet to solving a complex problem. That may be true in many instances. But even the television and movie producers in Hollywood know that one man alone is rarely as effective as… Read More

Conquer Series Fall

5 Reasons You Should Use The Conquer Series This Fall

With just a few pages left hanging on the calendar for 2018, now is the time to think back to January 1 and all the plans and goals that were set for yourself and the men of your church. There were probably events planned such as men’s breakfasts, maybe a retreat, or possibly even a… Read More