5 Benefits of Giving Up Porn - What is Your Motivation?

5 Benefits of Giving Up Porn – What is Your Motivation?

You have been seriously thinking about giving up porn. You’ve likely heard about all the devastating impacts it has on your life. You’re tired of dealing with the shame and guilt. Are you ready to quit porn for good and start focusing on a porn-free future? To help get you started, let’s look at five… Read More

Are You Codependent? 10 Warning Signs You Could Be

Are You Codependent? 10 Warning Signs You Could Be

The majority of individuals who are married to a person struggling with pornography or sexual addiction will admit that they are exhausted. A significant amount of mental energy has been focused on how to help their spouse find sobriety.  Nothing seems to be working. They constantly feel the need to check cell phone records, credit… Read More

Walk into the Fire

Marriage Recovery: Husbands Helping Wives Heal From Betrayal

Pornography and infidelity can undoubtedly wreck a marriage.  When this happens, one person alone cannot do all of the work.  It will require both the husband and the wife making a commitment to the healing process. I have walked through this in my own life.  I discovered that my healing journey looked completely different than… Read More

Time Square - a porn saturated culture

Our Porn Saturated Culture Is Drifting Further From God’s Plan For Sex

Our porn saturated society continues to redefine what sex and intimacy look like. The traditional, Biblical values of older generations are being thrown aside as culture embraces sexual freedom and an ‘anything goes’ attitude. Today, as long as adults consent, it seems nothing is taboo. For example, on March 25, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed… Read More

Get Over Porn

How to Get Over Porn & Find Lasting Freedom

How do you get over porn? If you have struggled with pornography, then you’ve likely already asked yourself that question. You may even understand the mental, emotional and spiritual toll it is taking on your life. You know the stress it puts on your marriage, relationships with family and friends, your job, and every area… Read More