The Surefire Way to Reach Your Goals

The Surefire Way to Reach Your Goals

We all have wishes and dreams. About two out of ten of us even call them goals. Problem is, only a very small percentage of people — about 1% — turn their dreams and goals into real-life successes.1 So what’s the difference between those who achieve their dreams and those that don’t? According to a goal achievement… Read More

New Year's Resolutions are Usually Broken

How to Quit Porn in 2018

  Business Insider tells us what all that dusty gym equipment already knew… a full 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. With nearly seven out of ten men in the church viewing porn on a regular basis according to a Pure Desire survey of churches, there is a desperate need for men to… Read More

New Two-Volume Conquer Series

Introducing the New & Improved Conquer Series

You Spoke… and We Listened The last four years have been a wonderful ride… and a very humbling experience. Little could we have imagined when we started this project six years ago that we would see over 500,000 men set free from porn, marriages restored, and families healed by God’s grace with the Conquer Series…. Read More


Surrendering Shame in a Grace-Filled Church

“You can come as you are with all your broken pieces and all your shameful scars. The pain you hold in your heart, bring it all to Jesus. You can come as you are.” These were lyrics that we would sing in church several years ago. What if you really could come as you are?… Read More

Christmas bauble

5 Reasons Why Porn Use Spikes Every Christmas

Christmas offers extra time with family and friends for many. It also provides plenty of free time for negative pursuits, however. A look at 2016 Google Search Trends shows that porn viewing spiked during the week of Christmas, equaled only during mid-summer. Not only that, the days following the holidays are often higher in porn… Read More

This is your brain on porn

This is your Brain on Porn

Looking at brain scans, it’s easy to see. The brain of a porn addict looks similar to – and perhaps even worse than – a drug addict’s. A normal brain has the topography of a beach ball… nice and smooth. In stark contrast is the Swiss-cheese-like surface of a porn addict’s brain. It’s shocking and… Read More

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Here’s How Watching Porn Can Affect Your Kids and Grandkids

When you watch porn, it affects your kids, your grandkids and even your great grandkids long after you’re gone. This episode of CBN’s “Showcase” explains how this happens and also catches up with Dr. Doug Weiss, psychologist, marriage counselor, and expert contributor to the Conquer Series. With the Conquer Series, you can break the cycle… Read More