Doug Weiss - Conquer Leader Training

Five Reasons to Further Your Conquer Leader Training

I have met some awesome Conquer Leaders as I have traveled around the country. As a practical tool to help men live a life of sexual integrity, many leaders started out thinking that they would show the Conquer Series to help a few guys move forward from their struggles. Over the years, the Conquer Series… Read More

What keeps men trapped in pornography?

What Keeps Men Trapped In Pornography? Three Steps Towards Freedom

It starts out so simple for someone who is hooked on pornography. They probably saw an air-brushed photo of a model online or in a magazine when they were children. Over the years they would spend more time looking at porn, and eventually they reached a point where it was consuming more of their time… Read More

How these men are getting over porn

How These Men Are Getting Over Porn

With the internet, smartphones, Snapchat and Facebook, pornography is more pervasive today than ever before. It is also impacting the church. According to a survey by Pure Desire Ministries, over 68% of church going men and over 50% of pastors struggle with pornography. This is having a profound impact not only on church communities but… Read More

Why marriage is to die for

Why Marriage Is To Die For & How To Improve Your Sex Life

Probably the biggest casualty that results from pornography usage is the damage to the marriage and a couple’s sex life. As a man is caught up in sexual sin, the foundation of the family and society is shaken. His own selfish needs and desires have ensnared him. The apostle Paul gave a bold instruction when… Read More

No Such Thing As Ethical Porn

Why There is No Such Thing As Ethical Porn

In recent years, there has been a rise in pornography producers claiming they make ‘ethical porn.’ They are trying to overcome the negative press around porn’s link to human trafficking and sexual abuse. Ethical pornography is described as porn that is legally made, fully respects the rights of both male and female performers (including consenting… Read More