traumatized kid

How Kids Are Traumatized By Porn

“I know what I want for Christmas this year,” declared the child. “I want clothes for the people on daddy’s computer who don’t have any.” Some may chuckle, but the reality is that it is no laughing matter. Though you might think pornography is viewed in secret, it has the potential to negatively impact not… Read More

sex trafficking

This Is How Porn And Sex Trafficking Are Linked

To most people, sex trafficking is a problem that exists in distant foreign countries. You may think, “But it certainly isn’t something that would involve me, is it?” If you view pornography, then the answer is “Yes.” The truth is, porn and sex trafficking have strong links, even in the United States, where the sex… Read More

6 Lies Men Believe When They Struggle With Porn

The struggle with pornography is lonely and secretive. A man usually goes to a secluded or private area where he can be alone with just a phone, computer or magazine. Because of the need to keep his viewing habits totally to himself, he begins to withdraw from contact with his family and friends. He turns… Read More


Thanksgiving: Being Grateful & Dealing With Resentment

Autumn is the season when we especially turn our thoughts to giving thanks. While we should thank God every day for all the blessings He gives us, the Thanksgiving holiday just naturally causes us to reflect on God’s goodness. If you are struggling with pornography, you know that your battle doesn’t take a break for… Read More

top ranked websites in the us

Pornography Plagues America’s Top 10 Ranking Websites In 2018

Suppose you were asked to write down your guesses for the Top 10 Most Viewed Websites in the United States. You would probably quickly list Google, Facebook, and YouTube as the first three. You would be correct. But what about those other seven spots? Takes a little more thought, doesn’t it? Here’s a hint: 3… Read More