Can Marriage Cure a Porn Addiction?

Contrary to Popular Belief, Marriage Will Not Cure Porn Addiction

As the music played, all eyes were fixed on the back of the church.  Today was a celebration of marriage.  The groom felt a lump forming in his throat as he watched his beautiful bride descend the aisle towards him.  He literally felt like the luckiest man on the face of the earth!  Not only… Read More


What Every Church Needs to Know: Women Struggle With Porn Too

Sliding further down into her seat, the woman couldn’t believe her ears. She had been at the edge of her chair when the pastor announced that his sermon was going to address porn in the church. Secretly, she had struggled with porn since her adolescent years, and for the first time, a glimmer of hope… Read More

Forbidden Discussions: What Children Want to Know

Forbidden Discussions: What Children Want to Know

It’s often said that children, especially young children, have no filter. They will quickly open up and talk about things without hesitating about whether it’s appropriate or not. Such was the situation that two Sunday School teachers recently found themselves in. Both instruct children, some as young as pre-kindergarten. And both found themselves surprisingly being… Read More


Let LOVE = ACTION This Valentine’s Day

Holding hands across the table, the newlywed couple was ready to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day in love as husband and wife. Everything was going great until the woman in the red dress strolled past the table. Temptation. The husband struggles to maintain his actions but he gives in and allows his eyes to follow… Read More

2020 List Exposes Corporations Who Contribute to Sexual Exploitation

2020 List Exposes Corporations Who Contribute to Sexual Exploitation

“No corporation should profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation.” This is the firm stand being taken by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), a leading non-profit organization seeking to eradicate sex trafficking.  They recognize that corporations are what drives today’s society. They influence the information received and the fashion standard set among this generation. … Read More