single man

How Porn Is Affecting Single Men

A man’s pornography addiction has devastating impacts on himself, his wife, and his family. Countless marriages and broken families have been a direct result of men’s porn usage. Unfortunately, porn is equally damaging to a single man. It can keep him single longer or prevent him from having a lasting relationship. A 2018 Gallup Poll… Read More


How To Disciple Men Into Leaders

Most church leaders would agree they face a constant problem of finding men who are willing to get involved. Not just in leadership positions, but in many roles within the church. But the need for strong leaders continues to grow. We can’t expect the pastor and elders to carry the spiritual and functional loads all… Read More

Wife and Kids

How Viewing Porn Is Wounding Your Wife & Hurting Your Family

Two of a woman’s strongest desires are to feel protected and loved. But her man’s pornography usage can threaten her ability to believe he is really trying to meet those needs. Dr. Doug Weiss, the founder of Heart to Heart Counseling Center and a featured expert in the Conquer Series that helps men overcome porn… Read More


Why Journaling Your Battles Is Essential For Finding Freedom From Porn

Recovering from pornography addiction is an ongoing journey. Along the way, you will need many types of support and encouragement – small group, family members, and other trusted people – to keep you focused on your sobriety. Maybe one of the most overlooked valuable resources is journaling. Rita Milios, LCSW, describes journaling as “a type… Read More

Freedom From Relapse

These Powerful Weapons Are Helping To Prevent Relapse

You’ve decided that the grip that pornography has on you has to be broken. You have realized the devastating toll it has taken on you, your family, your friends, your job, and every other area of your life. You have searched out ways to get help, and have learned that you are not alone in… Read More