Watch How These College Aged Guys Show Their Passion For Purity

Eric Hovind from Creation Today is known around the world for his work sharing the truth of God’s word beginning in Genesis. He also shares his story about his struggle with pornography with brute honesty in the Conquer Series. This Summer, he was asked to share at a men’s gathering in Florida. When we saw… Read More

Porn stats

15 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Pornography And The Church

Statistics reveal that the increase in the amount and reach of pornography cannot be ignored. But it is not just a problem affecting men. Women, teenagers, and children are also being caught in the web of pornography at alarming rates. Many Christians may assume that the church is immune. They see the smiling faces of… Read More

corn is overwhelming christian men

Corn Is Becoming A Serious Problem For Christian Men – Here’s How…

The United Nations Commission on Addictions has announced that the growth of corn use and addiction cases has reached epidemic levels. Efforts to increase public awareness of this devastating problem are being launched. “The current corn epidemic is very troubling in so many ways,” said Dr. Alvin Romero, the chairman of the U.N. commission. “We… Read More

How can I break free from porn?

How Can I Break Free From Porn?

If you are asking the question, “How can I break free from porn?”, then I say to you – Congratulations! The first step in breaking free from a struggle with porn is to recognize you have one. So now that you realize pornography has become a destructive force in your life that needs to be… Read More