What Do Men Really Want

What Do Men Really Want?

Our culture is believing lies on top of lies on top of lies! And they all originate from one place—the master deceiver himself, the liar from the beginning, the father of lies according to the Word of God—Satan. He is the master at getting us to believe a lie and embracing it as truth. John… Read More

Valentine's Day 2019

How To Give The Gift Of A Heart Renewed This Valentine’s Day

It’s time for the annual bombardment of Madison Avenue’s version of what true love looks like. They boldly tell us how we should express our deepest feelings of love and devotion to our wives or girlfriends. Yes, my friends, Valentine’s Day is almost here. You may already have ordered some flowers and bought a mushy… Read More

How to decrease divorce

How To Decrease America’s Divorce Rate

While demographers argue whether the US divorce rate is rising or falling, one thing is common in most divorce cases. Pornography. Pornography is not something that only affects the person using it. The negative impact of porn also reaches into his family, and most significantly threatens his marriage. Many studies and research projects have revealed… Read More

songs for the betrayed wife

Four Songs To Encourage The Betrayed Wife

Well, here you are. A place where you never thought you would be. Maybe it was unexpected, or maybe you were suspicious for quite some time. Regardless, you wish that in this moment you could be anywhere else. You just found out that your husband is seeking out pornography. Maybe it progressed to something more,… Read More