Don’t Miss This Before National Back To Church Sunday

By Kayla Sullivan

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National Back to Church Sunday is quickly approaching, September 16 to be exact. Attendance will be expected to increase drastically, and small groups will begin meeting once again. As the church doors open, one by one people will start filing in, bringing their sins of the Summer with them. Is the church willing and prepared to deal with these issues, or are we going to spend one more year skirting around the biggest issue at hand? Pornography.

Recent studies have shown that 68% of church-going men view pornography on a regular basis, and research has cited that pornography use spikes over the summer months. Even more startling to me is the fact that in a recent study conducted by the Barna Group, 59% of married men have sought the pastor’s help for porn use.

While the topic may be uncomfortable to discuss, it is so vitally important! Pornography has been listed as a contributing factor in 56% of divorce cases. Sadly, only 7% of pastors acknowledge that they have a program to help those who are struggling.

“Once men know the truth about hell’s master plan, they will find boldness in talking about it.”
– Jeremy Wiles, Founder & CEO of KingdomWorks Studios

This epidemic is sweeping the Nation, and is silently destroying families while the church turns a blind eye to it. A large majority of pastors are mortified to even think of speaking on such a topic, out of fear of self-exposure or denial that a problem even exists. The solution? “We’ll pray about it.”

Are you kidding me? Don’t get me wrong, prayer is a powerful tool to use. However, when your family is drowning in the sin of your spouse, you need more than that. Porn is an addictive cycle and only through the renewal of the mind can a man be set free, and that is a process. What starts off as a moral problem, quickly becomes a brain problem.

How many more men are going to have to cry out in silence? How many more wives have to endure the pain and heartbreak? How many more marriages have to be torn apart before we wake up and realize that it is time to tackle this problem head on?

Sexuality is the war and enemy’s nuclear payload is pornography. Satan is devastating the church and the church doesn’t even know it.

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