Just Stop It

How to Quit Porn: Just Stop It (VIDEO)

Several years ago, I was shown the following video at a church camp, which while not directly related to pornography provides some sound advice for quitting just about anything…  Why Men Can’t Stop Viewing Porn All jokes aside, 68% of men in the church view pornography on a regular basis. These are men who’ve… Read More

Disclosure Couple

How To Tell Your Wife That You’re Struggling with Porn

By Kevin Noble The Conquer Series recommends that men disclose their struggles with pornography and sexual addiction to their wives when they reach a minimum of six months sobriety. The intent is to avoid a staggered disclosure where we repeatedly traumatize our wives. (Conquer Series, Volume 1 Study Guide, page 54, “Handling Disclosure”.) We need… Read More

Calling All Conquer Group Leaders

What Makes a Great Leader?

What makes someone a great leader? According to a study out of the University of Texas at San Antonio, the most important quality is confidence. What is Confidence? It’s important to note that confidence can sometimes be confused with arrogance (which implies a sense of superiority). Arrogant, abusive leaders are ineffective. Being confident is not… Read More


WalMart Bans Cosmo from Checkout Lines

WalMart has announced this week that Cosmopolitan Magazine will no longer be flaunted to kids and adolescents in it’s checkout lines across the country. This is welcome news for Victoria Hearst, founder of Cosmo Hurts Kids and the granddaughter of Cosmopolitan Owner. It all began with a bad relationship. In December 1995, Victoria Hearst was… Read More

The Surefire Way to Reach Your Goals

Four Surefire Tips to Reach Your Goals Before Breakfast

We all have wishes and dreams. About two out of ten of us even call them goals. Problem is, only a very small percentage of people — about 1% — turn their dreams and goals into real-life successes.1 So what’s the difference between those who achieve their dreams and those that don’t? According to a goal achievement… Read More