Adult Websites Capitalize on Stressful Times Caused by COVID-19

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Stress, anxiety, mental health issues, and domestic violence. These are some of the silent side effects to the COVID-19 global pandemic. But the problems don’t stop there.

Capitalizing on Brokenness

Recent reports have found that pornography websites and those that promote extra-marital affairs are seeing a spike in daily traffic. Many are choosing to capitalize on the increased stress, feelings of boredom, and the pause in family scheduling to lure people in. Full of empty promises, these companies are attracting the most vulnerable in these situations.

One major website’s spokesperson shared that they are, “…benefitting from the ‘fractures’ in couples’ relationships that are likely being ‘amplified dramatically’ as spouses are stuck at home together.”

In an article published by Fox News, this spokesperson went on to say, “We often hear from our members that they love their spouses, they love their families and the situation they’re in, but there’s something missing.”

False Advertising

This website, which capitalizes on extra-marital affairs, basically promotes the message that people really can have it all – a spouse, children, and another intimate partner. They even seem to promote the idea that those who choose an affair, while using their site, can reap all of the benefits of an intact family unit while still finding the missing link in their lives. Don’t believe us? Here’s their quote, “We’re traditionally told to either suck it up and live without the thing that you want or get a divorce and give up everything you want in search of just one thing. We’re creating a third path for people.”

Atrocious! That’s our take on it.  The world and all of its deception will tell you that you can have anything you want.  But understand this, God intended for marriage to be between one man and one woman.  He expects faithfulness and requires that both husband and wife honor the covenant of marriage.

“Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” – Hebrews 13:4

The Problem Isn’t Sex

For a marriage that is seemingly sexless, the biggest issue you’re facing is not the longing of the flesh. It’s the need for fulfillment, satisfaction, and sense of unity that intimacy creates. It’s the feeling of connection, a sense of belonging, and a need to feel wanted and needed.

The world and its propaganda have brainwashed you to believe that the greatest measure of your life is found in the sexual encounters you experience. But the world, being ruled by Satan, lies.

The missing or broken piece that you’re experiencing, especially during COVID-19, will likely be found somewhere in your childhood or teenage years. It could be the longing in your heart for love, after having an absent parent. Maybe you’re trying to prove your value after a lifetime of being told that you’re not enough.  Are you struggling financially?  Maybe it is reminding you of the times when you were told that you’ll never amount to anything. But please understand this, regardless of what you’re thinking and feeling right now, others do understand the pain, fear, and stress you are facing.

You Are Not Alone

Countless men and women all around the world have recognized that they, too, are struggling with lust, pornography, masturbation, and the temptation to numb their pain through any means available to them. However, for many, they have learned that these attempts are never satisfying. Instead, what they thought would bring them relief only brings them guilt, shame, condemnation, and fear of exposure.

As a result of COVID-19, life may be at a standstill right now.  Or, maybe things are starting to open back up in your area so a sense of normalcy seems to be returning.  Whatever the case, there is no better time than right now to start reconnecting with your spouse, children, and God. Believe me, you deserve more than the life that you’re living.

Soul Refiner, a groundbreaking digital streaming platform dedicated to bringing inner-healing to individuals all around the world, is a great place to begin your journey. There you will have access to life-changing cinematic studies including the Conquer Series and Warpath.

The Conquer Series

The Conquer Series is a 10-week course created to help men desiring to break free from pornography and sexual sin.  Combining Science and Scripture, individuals are learning about the importance of renewing the mind.  You will better understand why trying harder does not work and how the brain changes through the viewing of pornography or sexually acting out.  Powerful weekly assignments will help you identify the root causes of the pain that you’re experiencing. Daily, you’ll go deeper with God as you truly discover your identity in Christ.  Possibly the greatest reward is learning that you can become the parent and spouse that your family needs.

One wife shared with us, “I cannot thank you enough for all the sacrifices, time, energy, love, and hard work you and your team put in to make the Conquer Series. Like so many others, it has RADICALLY changed our lives! My husband and I have been in the ‘addiction world’ for 15 years. We have tried nearly everything. There is NOTHING like your program. Your program gave me my husband back. Thank you!”


Warpath, hosted by Dr. Doug Weiss, takes a man’s healing to the next level. Men who have struggled with sexual purity and are now finding freedom will be challenged to rise and become the warrior that God created them to be. Men will proactively choose to fight, not only for their wife and children, but also for their brothers in Christ. This is war, and now is the time to reclaim your territory!

In this powerful study, you will learn how to navigate the challenges of restoring intimacy.  Techniques will be taught that, when applied, can help you reconnect spiritually and emotionally with your wife.  However, the healing doesn’t end there.  Fathers will learn strategies to help them mend broken bridges that may exist between themselves and their children.

As Dr. Doug Weiss shares,

“Warpath isn’t about just winning for you; that’s the beginning. Warpath is about you taking the battle and winning for others so they can have their families, and their marriages, and their destinies.”

Individuals, Marriages, & Families are Being Restored

By now, you may be thinking that this is a website geared towards married men. It’s not.

Single people can also benefit from Soul Refiner and all that it has to offer. Remember, this isn’t just about a spouse and children.  As an individual, you deserve healing and freedom.

Jerry in Michigan wrote, “Three years ago, I began going through the Conquer Series for a porn addiction I’ve had for several decades of my life. God has broken the strongholds of pornography in my life. I have been free for over three years!”

Don’t let another day pass by with you living in mediocrity or dissatisfaction. Choose to do something for yourself that will benefit, not curse, the generations to come.

If you are a church that is impacted by COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, you can still get started with Soul Refiner.  Through the Church License, you can provide a Digital Pass to your members.  This will give them access to weekly videos, an interactive study guide, online journal, and other daily tools to help them along the journey.

Head on over to Soul Refiner, and get started today!

The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic series which is helping over 1 million men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

Get started, and order the Conquer Series today.

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