2020 List Exposes Corporations Who Contribute to Sexual Exploitation

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“No corporation should profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation.”

This is the firm stand being taken by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), a leading non-profit organization seeking to eradicate sex trafficking.  They recognize that corporations are what drives today’s society. They influence the information received and the fashion standard set among this generation.  These corporations even influence the words and body language used to communicate with one another.  And each one of these companies has the chance to set a positive example in our culture.  Sadly, some are instead relinquishing that opportunity to pursue dishonest gain.  They are doing so at the expense of countless victims to the sex trafficking industry.

Advocating for Change

Annually, NCOSE creates a list, known as The Dirty Dozen List.  It exposes corporations that have risen in power and monetary value while also promoting pornography, prostitution, and/or sex trafficking.

Since 2013, The Dirty Dozen List has called out and rallied for change among major corporations. Many, including Verizon, Walmart, the Department of Defense, and various hotel chains, have since significantly improved their policies.

One of the most recent victories came after United Airlines found their name on The Dirty Dozen List in 2019. They have since adopted a zero-tolerance policy for any videos promoting hardcore pornography, or anything over an R-rating. Additionally, United Airlines has implemented improved flight attendant training.  This upgraded program will now include information about how to recognize, address, and respond to any issues that occur in-flight.

Who Made the List This Year?

For the first time since 2013, thirteen corporations have been placed on the list – which was released on February 6.  The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is calling out these major companies and urging them to revisit their policies to take a stand against sexual exploitation.

While we’re not reviewing all of them here, we are taking a look at some of the top corporations listed.


The National Center on Sexual Exploitation made an alarming discovery. While Amazon’s policies prevent them from selling pornography, their Prime Video platform inserts excessive nudity and simulated sex scenes into many of their original programs. Furthermore, it has been discovered that Amazon fails to provide solid and consistent parental controls to help safeguard today’s children. Even shopping online with their services can prove to be more than one can stomach with their books that eroticize child nudity, incest, and sexual slavery.

The State of Nevada

Out of fifty states in our great nation, Nevada is the only state that legalizes brothel prostitution.  This is a huge problem, as the legalization of sex buying increases the demand for commercialized sex.  This, in turn, then fuels the sex trafficking industry.

While some argue that this provides a platform to better regulate and ensure safety, statistics have found otherwise. In Lyon County, nearly 81% of voters voted in favor of keeping the brothels in 2018.  However, a recent audit exposed the fact that 30% of women found in these brothels meet most of the criteria defining a sex trafficking victim.

Outlining the conditions that exist within these establishments, one woman shared,

“We did not have the “independent contractor” freedom to turn down buyers. Management required us to line up when someone arrived at the brothel. Once picked from the lineup, we would bring the sex buyer back to our room where he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with us… The violent-natured men I encountered in legal brothels are no different than the men buying sex on the streets. I cannot count the number of times I physically fought with men in the brothels and how many times I have been raped because I was too scared to fight back.”


Visa, one of the major credit card networks world-wide, now partners with the pornography industry to process their payments.  NCOSE believes that Visa is not only endorsing the abusive nature of pornography but that they are also violating their own ethical standards.  According to its website, Visa claims to uphold the law.  However, in their partnership, Visa is in fact violating federal laws that prohibit the distribution of obscene pornographic content.  They have agreed to process payments from porn giants, even those who have been found to host videos of children being sexually abused or sex-trafficked women.  In doing so, Visa is choosing to not only ignore the physical abuse but also the financial and mental abuse that performers are expected to endure.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

The National Center for Sexual Exploitation filed suit against Wyndham Hotels & Resorts for knowingly facilitating the sex trafficking of a 16 year-old girl in California beginning in 2014. In their case, they argue that hotel employees knew or should have known that this young lady was being trafficked.  Indicators for the allegations include rooms being paid for in cash, the victim’s malnourished and bruised physical appearance, and a continuous flow of men coming and going from her room regularly.  Instead of contacting authorities, Wyndham Hotels allegedly chose to continue to financially benefit from the trafficking of this teen.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident with this hotel chain.  NCOSE has uncovered at least eight other incidents of sex trafficking at Wyndham Hotels throughout the United States.  In one case, the victim was only ten years old.

In years past, advocation efforts from NCOSE has caused a large number of hotel chains to discontinue on-demand pornography.  However, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts continue to make this service available to consumers, regardless of customer complaints received. The NCOSE is pushing for Wyndham Hotels to discontinue on-demand pornography, as they recognize the direct correlation between pornography and sex trafficking. They are encouraging Wyndham Hotels to instead take a stand against sexual exploitation and violence to promote and foster an atmosphere of safety and security for all individuals regardless of gender.


Created as a social media platform, TikTok has become a frontrunner for social media among elementary and middle-school aged children.  It seeks to promote funny, talented, or lip-syncing videos and is supposed to be harmless fun.  However, according to NCOSE, TikTok fails to properly moderate content or provide adequate parental safety controls. By neglecting these important elements, TikTok has increasingly become a platform for potential sex traffickers to groom minors.

Forbes recently identified TikTok as a “magnet for sexual predators”.  Another advocacy group labeled TikTok as a “hunting ground” for predators to abuse children.

NCOSE wants to see TikTok raise the age rating on the app.  They believe this will help parents become better educated about the risks involved when using this social media platform. They also want TikTok to provide in-app reporting of abuse while standing in agreement with their policy to then enforce the policy promptly when violated.

It’s Time to Take Action

This is only a small sample of the companies that have made The Dirty Dozen List this year. The National Center for Sexual Exploitation also acknowledges that they have proactively placed corporations on a watch list.  Some of the practices of the companies on that list are leaning more towards fostering an atmosphere that promotes sex trafficking.

We, as Americans, cannot sit back and helplessly watch as non-profit organizations rally to protect our human rights.  Now is the time to enter the battle, fighting for the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being exploited around the globe.  Boycotting these corporations will not make the problem go away, though you can allow your voice to be heard. Instead, we must take an internal look into our own lives, families, and churches to see how we are further contributing to sexual exploitation in our own backyards.

Studies conducted by various organizations such as Covenant Eyes, the Barna Group, and Pure Desire Ministries have highlighted that pornography is a huge issue – even among church-goers.  Not only is pornography an accelerant to sex trafficking, but it also contributes to violence towards women, sexual abuse, and more.  As a result, prisons are reporting an increase in population by those who have been charged with sex crimes.  And children often have the greatest risk of becoming addicted, which can result in poor choices, failed marriages, sexual dysfunction in men, and an increased risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

So, What Can Be Done?

First, we must educate parents and children alike about the dangers of pornography.  We must also examine our own lives to see if any issues of sexual sin may be present.  And then, in response to that discovery, we must take appropriate action to seek healing and freedom.  This will not only benefit us but also significantly benefit the generations to come.  And don’t worry, you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

The Conquer Series, a cinematic study exposing the truth about sexual sin and providing a battle plan for purity, has been helping those who are willing to champion this fight for more than six years.  Already, more than one million men have started their journey to a life free from porn as a result of this riveting study.  Not only are individuals learning how the brain changes when viewing pornography, but they are learning the importance of finding their identity in Christ.  Men are learning why trying harder does not work and are able to identify, sometimes for the first time, lies that are hiding in their belief system.  The enemy loves to feed us lies, and will often embed them at the point of our greatest pain.

Taking a Stand for Ourselves & Generations to Come

The Conquer Series has been a real game-changer for individuals, families, and churches alike.  Many parents have started using it with their teens, finding it to be extremely educational.  It exposes them to the truth that Satan is attacking sexuality, and it’s providing a battle plan to maintain purity.  For those who have struggled, sometimes for years, it’s giving them hope that they can be free.  And it’s becoming a weapon in the hands of pastors and church leaders who are ready to tackle this issue head-on within their congregations.

Marshall Hoberecht, Pastor at First Missionary Church in Newton, Kansas shared,

“I’m a pastor, and 90% of my work is when people come to a conclusion that they need help. The Conquer Series is the most amazing tool I’ve ever seen to help.”

It’s time to let your voice be heard.  Let corporations know that you’re advocating alongside NCOSE for change. Take the first step to bring about healing in your life, or the lives of those around you. As the demand decreases, the profitability of such a vile industry will also diminish. Change starts with you.

The Conquer Series is a powerful cinematic series which is helping over 1 million men conquer porn and walk in freedom.

Get started, and order the Conquer Series today.

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